After the breakup, reports of the Teletubbies living outside of the Home Dome erupted. Each member was caught enjoying London life without their colorful BFFs. What antics pushed the group further apart? Here’s what we know. 

I Tink, Therefore I Am (Full of My Self) 

Tinky Winky instantly made a name for himself – which sparked a lot of jealousy among the foursome. Tinky Winky was spotted driving his new ride after his latest runway show and boy he was not hard to miss! OG Teletubbies tracks blasted on the radio as he demanded the paparazzi take the picture from his “good” side!


Caught “Green” Handed

Dipsy shocked fans after he shared his street art on the gram, which caused an absolute PR nightmare for the Teletubbies crew. The post was quickly deleted after Po called begging him to remove it.


DJ LAA-LAA Mixes It Up

Laa-Laa was DJ-ing at an underground club in West London which caught the attention of a very-high profile producer. Rumors spread of a new collaboration with a famous British musician. It seemed like Laa-Laa’s DJ career was headed in the right direction.


5, 6, 7, HUG

Desperate to keep her hug-life going, Po auditioned for a popular K-Pop band but was too distracted and asked other members to hug her when they practiced their intense dance routines. Poor Po, she just can’t catch a (dance) break!


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