The drama between Teen Mom stars Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry is brewing again with a litany of leaked texted messages. Briana shared to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, March 15, an alleged text message exchange between her and Javi Marroquin, whom Briana and Kailyn both dated.

Briana, for her part, claims that Kailyn previously leaked texts between her and Javi, in which she asked Javi to meet up in Delaware while she recorded a podcast with Kailyn’s other ex, Chris Lopez. In that thread, Javi turned her down citing “loyalty” to Kailyn.

However, in the exchange Briana posted to her Stories between her and seemingly Javi, the two became very flirtatious at several points with her respondent, supposedly Javi, telling her that he remembers “hooking up as much as we could before you went in.”

The texter, presumed to be Javi, also said that he was bothered by the TikToks Kailyn posted of the two of them cuddling in February 2021, saying that they were “disturbing my peace” and that they insinuated that they had gotten back together.

Responding to this leaked portion of the conversation specifically, Kailyn wrote on her Instagram that Javi “really doesn’t want me to expose him right now” and that she has “an entire set of text messages that say completely otherwise” regarding their relationship status at that time.

In another text message exchange seemingly with Javi after she leaked his texts, Briana claimed that Javi told her that the text messages about coming to Delaware were taken by Kailyn from out of his phone without him “knowing.” Kailyn also clapped back at this claim, writing on her own Instagram Stories that Javi is the one that sent them to her “on FaceTime so he could see my reaction” and for her to keep in her “back pocket.”

In his chain with Briana, Javi said that he “should’ve known better” after she posted nearly the entirety of their exchange.

On top of it all, Kailyn also seemingly threatened Briana, whom she’s currently suing for defamation, with another lawsuit in response to her telling Javi that Kailyn took the texts from her phone.

“Since Kailyn Lowry decided to SUE ME, I have not discussed her online,” Briana told Celebuzz in a statement after the dust settled. “In fact, I even went as far as to instruct story sharing companies I work with to refrain from sharing stories about her as I don’t want any drama with her going forward. I have also tried to keep as low a profile as possible with discussing anything pertaining to her. With that being said, though, I find it completely ridiculous that she has decided to YET AGAIN start drama with me by leaking texts between Javi and I.”

When reached for comment by In Touch, Briana had no comment. Kailyn and Javi did not immediately respond to In Touch‘s requests for comment.

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