Will Ryan Edwards help Maci Bookout McKinney pay for their son Bentley‘s school? The Teen Mom OG star revealed her son’s big dreams of attending a local private school where he can participate in a top wrestling program but there’s one major catch — tuition costs $12,000 a year.

While discussing options with her husband, Taylor McKinney, he mentioned that Bentley’s “core group” of friends that he wrestles with all go to the private school, which is part of the reason why he wants to go so badly.

“It’s just ridiculous to me. Who wants to pay $12,000? Not me. Especially when you have two little ones coming after,” Maci, 28, said.

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Taylor, 31, brought up a time in the past where either Ryan, 32, or his parents, Jen Edwards and Larry Edwards, mentioned that they would help them pay for Bentley’s tuition if he were to attend the school. “I think they’ve told Bentley that too, but if you’re asking me if I’m going to bring that up? Absolutely not,” Maci said.

She explained that as a parent, she thinks public school is better for Bentley in the long run because he’ll be exposed to more life experiences and different types of people and peers. But she also told Bentley last year, when he first expressed interest in the school, that she wanted to see him take initiative and work hard to get his grades up — and the 11-year-old definitely rose to the challenge.

“He had the highest test scores in all of the fifth grade,” Maci said. “So I guess we gotta keep up our end of the bargain and look into it,” Taylor told his wife.

Maci found out from another local mom that registration for the private school was open and if they didn’t register during that period, they would not be able to apply again in the future. “So we should at least let him take the test so he could be in the running,” Taylor said. Maci agreed.

“I’m still not sure about it but since Bentley really wants it, I’ll support his dream,” Maci said in a voiceover as she drove her son to take the test. He was nervous, but she reassured him that he would do “just fine.”

In another scene, Maci received Bentley’s test results via email. Bentley got a stanine score of 6, which exceeded the minimum score of 5. He also scored 101 on the school ability index test, which exceeded the minimum score of 95.

“If we’re not wanting to do something, we should never test him because he will prevail,” Maci said with a laugh. Taylor said he would be okay with rewarding Bentley by allowing him to attend the school since he earned it, and Maci agreed — under the condition that he will continue to work hard to keep his grades up. Bentley was excited when he found out he passed. Maci and Taylor told him they would take the next steps to “explore” the option, which meant they would go on a tour of the school, check out the classes and sports programs and it included an interview with the school’s principal.

It seems like Maci is waiting until after Bentley officially gets accepted to the school before she brings up the tuition cost with Ryan and his parents.

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