Fingers crossed? Mackenzie Edwards (née Standifer) knows popular opinion isn’t always in your favor on Teen Mom OG, but she’s hoping her family with Ryan Edwards will have some “positive moments” in the new season of the MTV show. On Monday, March 16, the star took to her Instagram Story to host a Q&A with fans to pass the time. When the subject of filming came up, she was only too happy to be candid.

“How is Ryan doing? Hope to see more positive moments for your family this season!” one fan wrote. “LOL, yes, girl,” Mack, 23, wrote back. “I hope so, too.” On the subject of filming, she was happy to share even more. “I like [having] the cute moments with our kids!” she said. “I hate having to revisit awkward or difficult situations that I/we have moved on from. It’s like opening an old wound!”

Mackenzie Edwards Opens Up About Filming Teen Mom OG With Husband Ryan Edwards
Courtesy of Mackenzie Edwards/Instagram

The show can also give fans “misconceptions” about its stars, another subject the MTV mama addressed. Confronting claims that she’s “a bad person,” she admitted that she does sometimes lose her cool. “Sometimes I get pushed over the edge of what I can bottle inside, and I just freak TF out. [I’m] working on it,” she said. She also explained being on camera can make everything more difficult. “I’m [not] being a b***h when I laugh in serious situations,” she said. “I laugh when I’m nervous, LOL.”

A misconception about Ryan, 32, that Mack wanted to debunk is the belief “that he’s non-existent,” a claim the father himself has also lashed out at. In April 2019, he confronted the haters directly on Instagram after they made similar comments, accusing him of having “failed [his] family and newborn” and questioning if he was ever home. “What real husband/father JUST gets out of jail [and] constantly goes out all over town?” one asked. “I don’t get how the f–k Mackenzie puts up with you. 😤😤”

The Teen Mom OG dad wasn’t having it. “I’m sorry you [people] are so unhappy with yourself or your lives that you feel the need to say negative things,” he wrote. “Everyone knows unhappy [people] wanna make everyone else unhappy, plus I would have to care about you miserable f–ks in order for your comments to make me feel some kinda way. … Unfortunately I don’t give two f–ks about y’all. Have a nice night, [though]. ❤️”

In the past, the Edwards family confronted the drama by threatening to leave the show. In July 2018, Mack told E! News they were “not returning to Teen Mom,” claiming MTV didn’t “want to show Ryan as a recovering addict.” By October 2018, however, just a few weeks after the new season started, it was clear both the couple and the series changed their minds when Mack appeared on screen with Ryan’s parents. Since then, the stars have continued to make the occasional appearance as their storylines relate to Ryan’s ex Maci Bookout’s.

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