She wants to set the record straight. Mackenzie McKee shut down the animal abuse claims made against her after it was reported that she left her dog, Hank, in a pen while on vacation in the Bahamas. The Teen Mom alum’s neighbors called their local animal control service and claimed that Hank had been crying for days. Now, she’s clearing the air and slamming the allegations.

The drama started when someone living next door to Mackenzie, 24, noticed that she left her dog Hank alone in the backyard while on a cruise with her husband, Josh McKee. Mackenzie’s Oklahoma-based neighbors alerted authorities to the situation on May 21, and not long after, photos surfaced of her Great Dane standing on a wood plank in mud, surrounded by his own feces.

Hank did have some food in a bowl and the cage was covered with a tarp to protect him from rain. Mackenzie has since responded to the animal abuse claims and says there is no truth to them.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Animal Abuse
Courtesy of Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

“Lies … all lies … that is all,” the MTV star tweeted. “If you guys think that my neighbors were telling the truth, you are out of your mind. They have had it out for us since we moved in in October and moving is in the near future.” Mackenzie continued, “I love Hank more than words could ever describe. I paid 4K to have his fence installed 2 weeks before vacation and they stalled it out longer. So for you all to pull the ‘don’t pay for vacation if you can’t afford proper care for your dog’ bulls–t is insane as well.” She also noted how Hank hates kennels, so they opted for a big pen.

Mackenzie said she called about getting her pup boarded, and told them that Hank “WILL NOT SLEEP IN A KENNEL. But they said that’s how they operate. Trust me when I say I looked into all options,” she further explained. The TM3 star said Hank was fed, watered, and let out to play three times a day. On top of that, Mackenzie claims that she had a tarp rushed over to him.

“O did I forget to mention his poop was being cleaned out. But my neighbors stepped on my property to take a photo of his poop right when he did it? Hmm interesting. If you own a Dane you know that they poop several times a day and large amounts,” Mackenzie concluded. “We were on top of him being loved and cared for. Animal control said we passed wellness check and called me to inform me that my neighbors said not a single person has been out and that’s why they called me in.” She also claimed that animal control only stepped in due to the threat of tornadoes.

To conclude her statement, Mackenzie wrote, “Me nor my mother or the other two taking care of him support animal abuse.” The reality star also fired back at the nay-sayers, adding, “Please know the full truth and story before telling a woman to kill herself and she is a piece of s–t.”

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