Thank you, next! After Scooter Braun praised his client Ariana Grande’s new live tour album, k bye for now — which she released on Sunday, December 22 — Taylor Swift fans blasted the music executive on Instagram. The 26-year-old “Dangerous Woman” songstress uploaded a meme from one of her concerts, writing, “Thank you.”

Scooter, 38, couldn’t help but comment on Ari’s amazing year. “No words. You are strong, brilliant and truly remarkable,” he wrote on social media. “This album and tour was a triumph of your strength and heart. Bravo.” However, Swifties immediately flooded the comments section with their thoughts. One person wrote, “We stand with Taylor,” while another echoed, “Don’t try to take credit of her achievements, thanks. Anyway, #WeStandWithTaylor.” A third person chimed in, writing, “@scooterbraun give Taylor back her music!”

Taylor Swift Fans Slam Scooter Braun for Praising Ariana Grandes Live Tour Album Drop Instagram Comments

Additionally, the businessman wrote a touching tribute about the Florida native as well, where he uploaded a video of them hugging after her last performance this year. “I told you in Europe when you had that last show in L.A., I would be waiting to hug you backstage when it was over,” he began. “We got that hug. You did it. I know all the hard nights. I know all the pain and the struggle. I remember all of our talks, and I also know it was your decision and your strength that got you through it. You are exactly who you claim to be. You not only did it … you found your joy again with the fans night after night. You found your joy in your family and friends. You found your joy in your music. And in turn, you brought us all … millions of us … joy.”

Scooter continued to express his feelings about the Grammy winner — especially after her tumultuous year. “Proud is not the word for what I feel,” he said. “This is more than that. You are amazing, @arianagrande. This album and this tour is a triumph of what we are all capable of. Thank you for being you. You know everything else. P.S. now I’m going to listen to the live album. (You’re a genius for that idea too, Ari!).”

Recently, Taylor, 30, and Scooter have been fighting over the ownership of her music. However, the “Shake It Off” singer spoke out about what she has been going through the last couple of months and wasn’t afraid to call Scooter out during her Billboard Woman of the Decade speech on December 12. “That is the unregulated world of private equity coming in and buying up our music as if it’s real estate,” she began at the event in L.A. “This just happened to me without my approval, consultation or consent. After I was denied the chance to purchase my music outright, my entire catalog was sold to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. To this day, none of these investors have ever [contacted me] or my team directly to perform their due diligence on their investment in me to ask how I might feel about the new owner of my art, my music, my handwriting. Of course, Scooter never contacted me or my team to discuss it prior to the sale or even when it was announced.”

Scooter Braun and Ariana Grande at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards Taylor Swift Fans Slam Scooter Braun for Praising Ariana Grandes Live Tour Album Drop
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Ever since Scooter bought Tay’s music catalog from her former label, Big Machine, things have been tense between the two. So much so, the pop star wasn’t afraid to speak her truth. “Let me just say that the definition of toxic male privilege in our industry is people saying, ‘But he’s always been nice to me’ when I’m raising valid concerns about artists and their right to own their music,’” she said. “Of course, he’s nice to people in this room, you have something he needs.”

Before the American Music Awards in November, the Pennsylvania native shared with her fans that there was a chance she wasn’t going to be able to perform her old bops at the event. But the following day, Big Machine Records released a statement and said Taylor’s claims were not true. “Taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist,” the statement read. “To date, not one of the invitations to speak with us and work through this has been accepted. Rumors fester in the absence of communication … We share the collection goal of giving your fans the entertainment they both want and deserve.”

Taylor Swift Performing at the 2019 AMAs Taylor Swift Fans Slam Scooter Braun for Praising Ariana Grandes Live Tour Album Drop
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Scooter also admitted he was scared for his family throughout this ordeal. “Since your public statement last week, there have been numerous death threats directed at my family,” he wrote on Instagram on November 22. “I am certain there is no situation ever worth jeopardizing anyone’s safety.”

It seems like Taylor’s fans are far from ~shaking it off~ this time around!

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