With 12 contestants left, Survivor: Nicaragua took an interesting turn last night when both the La Flor and Espada tribes merged to become Libertad. While the merge was met with excitement and a feast, it wasn’t long before the devious NaOnka was up to her old tricks. After NaOnka swiped the tribes’ flour (used to make tortia’s) and some cooking utensils, a fellow player, 23-year-old Alina found herself privy to NaOnka’s shenanigans and sworn to secrecy. 

However, when questioned by her tribemates as to the supplies’ whereabouts, NaOnka revealed to all she was the culprit and Alina was her accomplice, placing Alina’s head firmly on the chopping block. Following the individual immunity challenge, oldest player Jane and Fabio (Jud) were awarded immunity for the men and women, respectively, sending Alina into a flurry to secure a place in the game.  But sadly the damage had been done and no amount of campaigning amongst her tribe would save her. Alina was voted out seven against two (for Marty).

“I was the easy vote,” Alina tells In Touch. “After a merge you don’t make easy votes anymore, you make big moves. I thought everyone would hear my argument and a light bulb might go off. If someone had wanted to take power of the game that was the chance. But then everyone thinks they are the puppet master on Survivor.”

Given the villainous NaOnka placed the target on her back, it’s no surprise Alina has nothing nice to say about her. “She threw me to the wolves and I am not fond of her,” reveals Alina. “Then seeing all of her behind the scenes comments, she is even more disgusting than I thought. She has a major chip on her shoulder; she’s unpredictable, cold and disgusting. She’s setting a bad example for the kids she works with.”

Despite getting the shaft from NaOnka, Alina is pleased with the game she played and leaves Survivor: Nicaragua a more enlightened person and with one nice consolation. “My consolation is – it sucks to be me as I went home, but it really sucks to be NaOnka. She is the consolation to everyone on this season – I could have been portrayed as NaOnka.”

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Name: Alina Wilson
Age: 23
Current Residence: Downey, Calif.

Q: How hard was reliving your eviction from the tribe on TV?
It was hard and frustrating, but at the same time kind of cool. I liked watching as it took me back, and I wasn’t as nervous I thought I’d be, knowing I was going home. My family didn’t know. That’s the hard part, watching with family and knowing the disappointment. I hated it, but my family is so supportive, so it was fine. It’s also a relief as the episode I was dreading is now over.

Q: You seemed to put up a good fight to stay?
It was definitely a scramble. The audience finally saw why people were gunning for me when I did what I needed to do. I was either going home or scrambling to do what I had to do. I knew I was on the chopping block, but was so surprised to see how much Benry and Chase were against me. I was uncomfortable about Benry from the beginning, but tried not to be paranoid. I wish it had turned out differently.

Q: In your opinion who is the puppet master?
I hate to say it, as I don’t like him whatsoever, but I gotta say Sash. He seems to be in control. While I was there he was a very quiet player, always kept to himself, has THE lowest, most irritating voice, so the way they are showing him is perfect.  I really don’t know how he took control and has Brenda eating out of his palm. And telling NaOnka she was his No. 1 girl? Puke! I didn’t trust him, as I knew if he could get in power he could have done damage. But keeping NaOnka onside was a very good move and something I would have done.

Q: What are your feelings on NaOnka now? After she played tricks on the tribe and then threw you to the wolves as her accomplice?
 I would respect her a lot more if she had done it strategically and thought about it. She didn’t do it on purpose, but rather went with what she was feeling. Stealing that stuff was such a random thing to do. And then bring me on it? It was even more random to admit to it and use me. I was just there and hated that I was. But she threw me to the wolves and I am not fond of her. Then seeing all of her behind the scenes comments, she is even more disgusting than I thought. She has a major chip on her shoulder; she’s unpredictable, cold and disgusting. She’s setting a bad example for the kids she works with.

Q: How bad were the conditions for you?
It’s weird, but for me it was all fun and games. Even on those worst days I loved it. I know it sounds cheesy but I really did. I enjoyed every single minute: huddled, drenched and freezing, deep down on some level I was thinking this was so awesome. I have nothing bad to say. Things are meant to be and it was awesome!

Q: What was your favorite moment that we didn’t see?
The day we were going to tribal council and we knew the other tribe would be feasting, our camp had half-flooded. I spent three hours on the other side of the flood catching crabs so we wouldn’t go to tribal hungry. It was such a cool scene, me carrying 30 crabs over my head through a rushing river so we could eat. I wish they’d shown that. I busted my ass, but at least I did something for the tribe.

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