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St. Barth’s Famous Nikki Beach Is Still the Ultimate Boho Beach Club and Dining Experience

Paradise on earth! Located on the beach of Saint-Jean, St. Barths’ famous luxury beach club, Nikki Beach, has continued to impress visitors and celebrities for nearly two decades with its oceanfront views and unique atmosphere.

The dining hot spot is touted as the first and original luxury beach which combines elements of fashion, film, art, music, dining and entertainment all into one place.

Nikki Beach, which initially opened in St. Barths in 2002, has since grown into a lifestyle and hospitality company, Nikki Beach Global. The brand now includes 11 beach clubs, five hotels and resorts, a fashion division, special events and Nikki Cares, a non-profit charity.

Jack Penrod, the founder and owner of Nikki Beach Global, created the company in honor of his daughter, Nicole, who died in a car accident.

“Nikki Beach was created to celebrate the life of my daughter Nicole. We did not have any plans to become a global brand. However, the magic between our family concept and our customers created a demand,” Penrod has said. “It was then that we decided to strategically expand Nikki beach worldwide, while keeping the core message behind Nikki Beach (which is a celebration of life) by ensuring each location combined the elements of everything Nicole loved into one.”

Although Nikki Beach has expanded over the years, something that remains unmatched is the level of service. Year after year staff members continue to build the energy of the beach club with DJs such as Patris Gero and Jérome Barthélémy and saxophone players that provide upbeat music throughout the club.

Along with the caring staff, another thing that makes Nikki Beach stand out to guests is its distinctive layout and boho chic decor. Every table in the restaurant has prime oceanfront views along with plush banquets and pillows to allow diners to relax. On the beach, guests can book pillow-covered daybeds for the day while larger groups can lounge on the comfortable outdoor couches giving them their own section of paradise.

In the restaurant or outside, guests can eat from an exclusive menu that features global flavors sourced from all the countries where Nikki Beach is located. Most of the menu items are shareable and some new additions include the Mahi-Mahi Ceviche Tacos, Octopus Risotto and Dôme Coco Chocolat with coconut mousse, chocolate cake, coconut jelly and custard. Guests can enjoy the delicious, locally-inspired dishes with signature cocktails from rum-based tropical creations to variations of the Bloody Mary.

Aside from the quality food and drinks, Nikki Beach also has special events with live music. Amazing Sundays takes place weekly and encompasses the brand’s “celebration of life” mentality with food, drinks and music. Another Nikki Beach tradition is Festive week from December 26 to January 1 which is a weeklong event series. Nikki Beach is especially known for its large New Year’s Eve celebration, which has featured artists such as Mariah Carey, John Legend and Beyoncé.

Scroll down to check out some amazing photos from the Nikki Beach dining atmosphere and menu options.

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