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Sometimes, life can make you feel mad, sad, or downright “salty.” If you find yourself in one of these stressful moments, it’s a good idea to take a chill pill with man’s best friend. No, we’re not talking about a real dog…we’re talking about the super-simple Salty Dog cocktail!


Hey, do you know what’d enhance the Salty Dog’s stress-busting effects? Tribe CBD oil, of course! Just a dab of our citrus-flavored CBD oil helps intensify this drink’s tart flavors.


CBD Salty Dog Recipe

Blue Ribbon


If you don’t want to upset any snooty connoisseurs at your party, please don’t use vodka in your Salty Dog. Technically, vodka and grapefruit juice is a different drink called (surprise, surprise) the Greyhound. One of the main distinctions between a Greyhound and a Salty Dog is that the latter calls for gin.


Of course, the other difference between these brunch staples is that the Salty Dog has a lot of salt (duh!). Before you mix this drink, be sure to rub a lime wedge around your glass and roll the top in coarse salt. If you need more pointers on salting your glass, be sure to read our CBD margarita post.




  • 1 ½ oz gin
  • ~ 5 oz grapefruit juice
  • ½ dropperful Tribe CBD oil (citrus)
  • Lime wedge




  • Add ice to a pre-salted highball glass
  • Pour gin
  • Add enough grapefruit juice to top your glass
  • Garnish with a half-dropperful of Tribe CBD oil and a lime wedge


If you want to add some “pizzaz” to this “pooch,” we’ve got a couple of cool suggestions for you. Be sure to try out one of these strategies at your next brunch bash:


  • Make your Salty Dog sparkle with a spritz of seltzer water
  • Pick a few fresh herbs like basil and add as a garnish
  • Sweeten your drink with a dab of simple syrup
  • Experiment with ruby red and white grapefruit juices to see which you prefer


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Could I Feed CBD To Fido? CBD Oil For Dogs


Apparently, milk bones aren’t enough for 21st-century canines. As you might’ve already heard, CBD has become incredibly popular in the pet foods space. Countless anecdotal reports suggest this cannabinoid could help soothe pooch problems ranging from separation anxiety to arthritis.


Just remember, there’s scant scientific evidence on feeding CBD oil to pets. Also, all of Tribe CBD’s products are formulated with humans in mind. If you want to give CBD to your pets, we strongly suggest speaking with a certified veterinarian.



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