Listen up, haters! Sister Wives star Meri Brown sent a strong message to social media trolls who leave rude or negative comments on Instagram.

“Hi, my name is Meri. I’m human. Yes, I’m on TV. Yes, I’m still human. I love. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I say I’m sorry. I forgive. I’m allowed my privacy. I’m allowed my privacy. Did I say that already? I’m allowed to grow. I’m allowed to change. I’m human,” Meri, 49, wrote in a message on her Instagram Story on Saturday, September 5. She added a sticker that read, “Be nice. Be kind.”

sister wives meri message haters

It seems Meri felt she needed to send a PSA to her followers amid rumors she and husband Kody Brown hit another rough patch in their marriage. Judging from her Instagram, Meri has been spent most of the summer at her beloved bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah. Most of the images she’s shared since June have been taken at her business, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, instead of at her home in Flagstaff, Arizona, where Kody, 51, and the rest of Meri’s sister wives live. The last time Meri returned to Arizona was on August 18.

Another reason why fans think Meri is at odds with her family is because of the cryptic messages she’s been sharing on social media. On August 12, Meri shared a quote from motivational speaker Mel Robbins. “Don’t confuse someone’s inability to love with you being unlovable,” read the message.

Kody and Meri have struggled with their relationship over the years. It seems their issues stem from their 2014 divorce, in which the couple dissolved their legal marriage so that Kody could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. The reason Kody wanted to legally marry Robyn, 41, was so he could adopt her three children from a previous marriage. Even though Kody and Meri were legally divorced, they still considered themselves to be spiritually married.

In 2015, the couple’s relationship was rocked by an emotional cheating scandal. Meri was in a romantic relationship with a man online whom she thought was named “Sam Cooper,” but she later learned she was being catfished by a woman named Jackie Overton.

Meri and Kody’s relationship barely survived, which led the couple to try marriage counseling in order to repair their bond. During a session that aired during season 14 of the family’s hit TLC reality TV series, Kody revealed he thinks his marriage issues with Meri run “deeper” than her catfish scandal.

“My question in my life is how do I have a relationship with somebody that after knowing for years, I don’t want a relationship because of the hurt and the struggle and stuff. And I’m not blaming Meri here, I’m just saying we’re trying to heal a very very deep wound in a sick body and it’s a challenge,” the Brown family patriarch said in a confessional. “This struggle that I’m having is way deeper than the catfishing experience. The catfishing was really just a wake-up call for Meri and I. Our problem ran much deeper than that and it’s probably why we led up to why the catfishing ever happened.”

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