You go, girl! Sister Wives star Maddie Brush (née Brown) shared a heartwarming update on her daughter, Evangalynn (a.k.a. Evie), after a doctor’s visit.

“She insisted she do it herself. She’s getting so big!” the proud mom of two, 26, who also shares son Axel with husband Caleb Brush, gushed in a caption on Tuesday, February 22, while sharing a new video of her baby girl putting on her prosthetic liner on her left leg.

Evie flashed a darling smile at the end of the clip, garnering several adoring comments from fans who have followed her journey post-birth. 

Maddie previously opened up about her daughter’s FATCO diagnosis, also known as fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly, in October 2019.

Maddie welcomed her second child a few months earlier on August 20, 2019. Their daughter was born without a thumb, toe and two of her fingers are fused together. She was also missing a fibula (commonly known as the calf bone) and had a bowed tibia (shinbone) in one leg. The North Carolina resident did not reveal little Evie’s FATCO diagnosis until that fall, during which time she explained her hesitation to speak out.

“I remember getting out of the anatomy ultrasound in shock. #Limbdifference was so not on my radar. I was blindsided by it. I couldn’t even pronounce #olygodactyly or #syndactyly correctly,” she wrote. “Once the shock wore off, I felt guilty. I wondered if I had done something wrong. ‘Did I eat something wrong? Did I not provide enough circulation? Did I sit around too much?’ All the things ran through my head.”

Sister Wives' Maddie Gives Proud Update on Daughter Evie After FATCO Diagnosis

“I kept reminding myself that things could be a lot worse,” Maddie continued. “It was a whirlwind of emotions that I made myself shut up and be grateful that everything else looked OK.”

Evie has since undergone a Boyd amputation surgery, a choice Maddie ultimately addressed via social media. 

“This was not a light-hearted decision, we spent the better part of the last year educating ourselves, talking to doctors, prosthetists, other families, and other amputees as we came to the decision we did,” she shared, later revealing Evie was healing and recovering “beautifully.” 

These days, Sister Wives fans are glad to see that Evie is thriving and enjoying spending time with her big brother and her loving parents!

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