Shia LaBeouf was ordered to sit for a deposition as part of his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs‘ $10 million lawsuit where he will be grilled over accusations he committed sexual battery and abuse, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered both Shia, 38, and FKA, 36, to answer questions under oath about the case by October. The trial was scheduled for October but the court vacated the date and will set a new one at an upcoming hearing.

The shocking legal battle between FKA and Shia, who dated from 2018 to 2019, took an ugly turn this week with both sides attacking the other.

FKA sued Shia in 2020 accusing him of knowingly exposing her to an STD, being abusive during their relationship and being an erratic man who once threatened to shoot stray dogs as they drove down the street. She said Shia was extremely controlling and had her follow a strict set of rules while together.

Shia LaBeouf To Be Grilled By Ex FKA Twigs in $10 Million Court War
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The singer claimed she confronted Shia about the STD and he did not deny he had it. Shia denied all allegations of wrongdoing in his official response.

This week, it was revealed she is seeking $10 million in damages.

Shia scoffed at the number. His lawyer wrote, “[FKA] alleges that the release of her album was delayed due to mental anguish, and as a result she lost over $1 million not finishing her album prior to touring. She has not provided support for this alleged delay, the reasons behind it, or that she would have earned an extra $1 million for the album’s earlier release. [FKA] also claims she lost contracts because of Shia, contributing to lost professional opportunities. On her alleged severe emotional distress, [FKW’s] medical bills total $4,100 to a therapist.”

He continued, “Contrary to what [FKA] alleges, she appears to have increased her profile in the years after her relationship with Shia and her career appears to be thriving.”

Shia’s lawyer claimed FKA’s career is “thriving” at the moment.

“In April 2019, she released a single titled ‘Cellophane.’ She released additional singles in Fall 2019, prior to releasing her album Magdalene in November 2019 (which was met with critical acclaim). In 2019, [FKA] did an extensive U.S. and international tour to accompany the album.”

Shia LaBeouf To Be Grilled By Ex FKA Twigs in $10 Million Court War
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He added, “She continues to be professionally active, regularly releasing music videos and new music in 2020-2021, including a song with The Weeknd, one of the world’s best-selling artists. In January 2022, she released a 17-song mixtape. In addition to music, she is starring in the upcoming film The Crow. She also has a modeling campaign for Calvin Klein and appeared in numerous magazines including Elle and British Vogue.” Shia motion said his ex is, “working so much that she has been too busy over the past two years to even appear for her deposition.”

Shia accused FKA of refusing to turn over documents he requested pertaining to her finances. FKA said she turned over 1,000 pages of documents to Shia but said his requests were overboard. She claimed he was attempting to view the entirety of her medical history – which she is objecting to.

In response to the claims by Shia’s lawyer, FKA’s powerhouse lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told In Touch, “While my client was led to believe that LaBeouf was on a path of taking responsibility and working a program, it is clear he intends his pattern of continuing to abuse the victim. Any suggestion that FKA Twigs’ emotional distress should be discounted because of any career success is preposterous and discounts the idea that victims should have hope for the future. Logically, without the trauma that she has suffered I can only imagine the level of success she would have achieved by now.”

He added, “We are pleased the judge agreed with our position that many of LaBeouf’s requests were overly broad and inappropriate. It’s unfortunate my client had to be triggered yet again unnecessarily by LaBeouf and his team.”

A judge has yet to rule on their discovery disputes.

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