Shannen Doherty revealed she is “largely unable to work” due to her ongoing health issues and demanded her estranged husband, Kurt Iswarienko, cough up a 5-figure sum in monthly spousal support, In Touch can exclusively reveal.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, the 90210 actress asked a Los Angeles judge to award her temporary spousal support from Iswarienko in the amount of $15,434 per month, “retroactive to June 1, 2024.”

In addition, she asked for Iswarienko to cough up $9,100 to help her cover legal fees and the cost of a forensic accountant hired in the divorce.

Shannen Doherty Reveals Finances in Divorce as She Pleads For $15k Per Month in Spousal Support From Ex

Doherty filed an emotional declaration with her motion. She wrote, “Since 2019, I have undergone a myriad of cancer treatments, including brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and experimental treatments and protocols. At first, some of the treatments seemed to work. However, in 2023, I learned that my latest treatment was no longer effective.”

She said, “On January 16, 2023, I underwent brain surgery for my metastasized breast cancer. On January 15, 2023, the day before my brain surgery, I told Kurt in no uncertain terms that I did not want him present at my surgery and that I would be filing for divorce.”

Doherty, 53, explained, “As a result of my recurrent health issues, I have been largely unable to work and have no future employment prospects. Today, virtually all of the income I earn is residual income from work that I performed prior to marriage.”

“The majority of my residual income is from a television show called Charmed. I recently learned that Charmed will no longer be streaming on any major streaming platform after June 30, 2024. As a result, my future residual income will dramatically decrease,” she said. “My year-to-date income is $25,732.90. I have not worked since 2022.”

As In Touch first reported, Doherty recently accused her ex of refusing to turn over information about his artwork. Iswarienko is a successful professional photographer who has worked with huge brands and companies. Doherty said he has failed to answer questions about the value of his archive or turn over a list of sales during the marriage.

“During marriage, particularly in the later years of our relationship, Kurt earned several million dollars per year. He has made a name for himself in his industry,” she said. Doherty added, “Kurt’s average annual earnings for the last three years of marriage was $672,916. My average annual earnings for the last three years of marriage was $259,708.”

Shannen Doherty Reveals Finances in Divorce as She Pleads For $15k Per Month in Spousal Support From Ex

“My monthly expenses exceed $54,600. In 2023, my medical expenses alone were $21,640. Because I have not worked this year, I will no longer be eligible for SAG Health Insurance and this number will dramatically increase,” she said.

The actress explained they lived a nice life during the marriage. “During our marriage, Kurt and I enjoyed a very fortunate lifestyle. We lived in my 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home in Malibu worth about $6M. We also purchased the approximately $1.7M Texas Residence during marriage. Despite the decrease in my earnings, Kurt’s increased earnings during our marriage allowed us to enjoy a high standard of living during our marriage. We frequently traveled during our marriage, flying on our Mooney M-20 airplane, and spending several weeks a year on vacation in places such as Mexico, Santa Ynez, Florida, Peru, Spain, and South Africa.”

She continued, “While I have been unable to work, incurring exorbitant medical expenses not covered by insurance to undergo experimental treatments in hopes of prolonging my life, Kurt has been utilizing the airplane, spending thousands of dollars at medical spas, jewelry stores, Gucci, and on flights for his “agent”, while simultaneously claiming that he has insufficient funds with which to support me.”

In a financial declaration, Doherty said she pulled in around $21k per month but that would be decreasing after Charmed was removed from streaming.

The actress listed that she had $250k in the bank and another $1.8 million in other investments and proceeds from her lawsuit against an insurance company. Iswarienko has yet to respond to Doherty’s request for spousal support.

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