Convicted murderer, Scott Peterson, is currently sitting on death row for the murders of Laci Peterson and their unborn son, Connor. The mother-to-be — who was eight months pregnant —vanished on Christmas Eve in 2002 and their bodies were found the following April by a couple and their dog on the shore of the San Francisco Bay. Over a decade later, people are still captivated by her killing, and now new evidence is bringing the case to the public eye once more.

According to RadarOnline, cops uncovered a map to the home of Scott’s mistress, Amber Frey — now a 42-year-old mother of two — leading them to believe he had plans to stop by her house on his way to Mexico and kill her.

scott peterson

Scott Peterson talking to his defense attorney during a hearing in the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, on Sept. 2, 2003.

Gloria Allred, Amber’s lawyer, was disgusted by Scott’s actions to his client. “He lied. He deceived her. That’s what he did.” She added, “He lied and he deceived her. That’s how he treated her. He even lied about lying!”

Last week, the items found in Scott’s car were finally revealed — 14 years after his arrest. According to People, his vehicle contained sleeping pills, a gun, a knife, Viagara, and camping gear. The Daily Mail added that there was $15,000 in cash as well as four cell phones.

Yet despite evidence pointing towards Scott as the killer, he still denies he was ever involved with Laci’s disappearance and murder. In a new interview with Radar, Scott said, “This is not over! I had nothing to do with Laci’s disappearance!”

Former Modesto, California police detective Jon Buehler — who was part of the initial investigation — isn’t so convinced. He told ABC News that he believed Scott is locked up for a reason. “I suspected Scott when I first met him,” he said.

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