So awkward! Ryan Seacrest admitted he once clogged a toilet at Kris Jenner’s house during the Wednesday, June 26, episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“Listen, I was at the Kardashians once. OK wait, I have to tell you the story,” he told his cohost, Kelly Ripa. “I was at Kris’ house, Kris Jenner. So, she has got a bathroom in the entryway. It’s dark, there is a black toilet. So, I am in there and the toilet — it’s like one of those electronic toilets, but it’s black, so you can’t see any of the buttons or anything like that, and it’s dimly lit. I can’t find the light switch, so I go to the bathroom, and I use the toilet paper, and I put it in the thing, and I try to find the flush.”

Unfortunately, this is where things took a turn for the 44-year-old. “I can’t find the flush. God, now what do I do? I can’t find the flush and someone is going to come in to use the toilet,” he recalled. “So, I decided to look under the panel, and I find the flush. Somehow the technology — the software was messed up, so it wouldn’t flush. So, I flush it and the water just builds. So, I am watching the water level rise. I think to myself, now you’re in this moment of what do I do?”

The radio personality thought of what to say to the Kardashians, but he felt too uncomfortable revealing what actually happened. “Do I tell — hey Khloé [Kardashian], don’t tell Kim [Kardashian] and Kourtney [Kardashian], don’t tell Scott [Disick], can you help me out over here?” he said. “Or do I just say to Kris, I think your toilet has got a problem?”

Kelly, 48, advised Ryan that he should have just told the matriarch since she is a mom herself and has seen stuff like this happen before. “The problem is, when you fess up, they’re going to come in. I was too embarrassed,” he admitted. “I left it there. It could still be there, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t use that bathroom. Let’s keep this between us.”

Ryan Seacrest With the Kardashian Clan
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Umm … well, it’s safe to say the Kardashian clan knows what happened now!

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