When you watch the new season of Investigation Discovery's Murder Chose Me, know that Rod Demery became a successful crime solver in spite of — or, perhaps, because of — the violent crimes that ended his mother's life nearly 50 years ago and put his brother behind bars nearly 25 years ago. Rod pursued a career in law enforcement, working for more than two decades at the police department in Shreveport, LA. Now he's a TV star with a story to tell.

When Rod was just 3, police arrived at his grandmother's doorstep to tell her Rod's mother had been murdered, killed by her husband. Per Starcasm, Rod said the husband was charged with murder without malice, which "basically says that he believed that there was a burglar in the house and he just started shooting. And that was his explanation. But had they done a homicide investigation, they would have realized it was just a straight-up murder."

And when Rod was an adult, his brother Patrick Demery murdered friend Richard Sherman, stabbing the man repeatedly. Patrick was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. "I worry about him daily," Rod said. "I know what goes on in prison. But I think about the person he killed. And the people that were left behind to mourn that person. Where I can forgive him for the things that he's done that affected my life, I can't forgive him for the things he's done that affect other people."

Rod became a police officer to help stop the violence that had devastated his family. Over the course of his career in Shreveport, he was called in for 250 homicides. And of the cases for which he served as lead detective, he solved 99 percent. His devotion to his career, however, often came at the expense of his relationships with his friends and family.

Murder Chose Me, which premiered in 2017, recreates some of the biggest cases of Rod's career. "Intimate first-person storytelling meets the gritty southern backdrop in Shreveport, LA," Investigation Discovery says. "Each hour-long episode brings viewers through a white-knuckle case." Season 2 premieres on the channel on April 4 at 10 p.m. ET, but you can get early access to the season premiere now, and you can also check out Rod's Investigation Discovery podcast Detective.

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