Patrick Swayze’s family just dropped a bombshell about the late actor’s estate, as they believe not only that the signature on his will was forged — but also that they’ve been scammed out of millions as a results!

According to a new report, his relatives were shocked when a “surprise” will that left his entire estate — valued at an estimated $40 million — to his widow, Lisa Niemi was filed in a New Mexico court this past August.

The star allegedly signed the document on July 27, 2009, two months before his tragic death on Sept. 14, 2009. A family friend says that’s enough to raise eyebrows — as the Dirty Dancing star was hospitalized on July 27, 2009, and likely too sick to sign anything.

patrick and lisa

Patrick and his wife Lisa.

“He was very sick, emaciated and high on an anti-seizure drug…and 10 different medications,” the friend claims. “Patrick was barely coherent!”

The details of the will raise some suspicions as well. The document in question left out Patrick’s mother, Patsy, and his three siblings — while it took care of his brother-in-law, Eric, which doesn’t make sense to the family friend.

“It’s just wrong and none of the family got anything — not a thing,” the source says. “Patrick didn’t even get along with Eric!”

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And after examining the document, a handwriting expert confirms the suspicions.

“It is highly unlikely that the same person signed the will,” Texas-based forensic document and handwriting examiner Peggy Walla tells Radar, after comparing the will to memorabilia with the actor’s autograph. “It just does not look like a natural signature.”