There’s no more bad blood between Paris Hilton and Sarah Silverman. The two stars finally made amends years after the comedian joked at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards about the heiress going to jail.

During the Thursday, March 4, episode of “The Sarah Silverman Podcast,” the 50-year-old actress apologized to the DJ, 40, and admitted that she “regretted” the past dig regarding Paris’ 45-day jail sentence “kind of immediately” after saying it. Following the apology, Paris released an impromptu “This Is Paris” podcast episode on Friday, March 5, and said she wanted to “start a clean, fresh slate” with Sarah.

“I went and listened to her podcast and she basically made an eight-and-a-half-minute apology to me,” the businesswoman said. “She was so genuine and so sweet, and it really moved me. I felt just emotional hearing it and I could tell that she really did mean what she said when she was apologizing.”

Paris added, “Thank you. I really, really appreciate you doing that. I know it’s difficult for anyone to apologize, and for someone to do that really means a lot.”

Paris Hilton Accepts Sarah Silverman's Apology for 2007 Jail Joke
Peter Brooker/Shutterstock

Sarah’s apology came days after Paris and her sister, Nicky Hilton, recalled attending the awards show at which the joke was made. “What Sarah Silverman did was so disgusting and so cruel and mean,” Paris said on the Monday, March 1, installment of the podcast, which shares the same name of her 2020 YouTube documentary, This Is Paris. “To sit in the audience with her just literally publicly humiliating me, being so mean, so cruel, I was sitting there wanting to die.”

The School of Rock actress made fun of Paris’ impending jail time during the 2007 event that was hosted one day before she was set to report to prison for violating her probation after a suspected 2006 DUI. “I heard that to make her feel comfortable in prison, the guards are going to paint the bars to look like penises,” Sarah said during the MTV Movie Awards at the time. “I just worry that she’s gonna break her teeth on those things.”

Sarah, for her part, explained on her podcast that she wrote Paris a letter “a couple days” after hosting the show. “I remember spotting her in the audience, I really do, and I remember seeing that look on her face and my heart sank. There was a person under there,” the Masters of Sex star added when looking back on the moment. “I felt it the second I saw your face that night. It feels terrible to know you have hurt someone and it’s important to make it right. So, I hope this [apology] does that.”

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