Yesterday, it was revealed that O.J. Simpson was granted parole and will be a free man as early as October of this year. While speaking to the Nevada Board of Parole, the disgraced football pro, 70, confirmed his plans to return to Florida — where he lived after he was acquitted in the murder trial of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her pal Ron Goldman — and said he had intentions to live a “low profile” life, consisting of spending time with his children and playing golf.

And according to celebrity reputation expert Eric Schiffer, it would be his best bet to do so. He exclusively told In Touch, “He has so crushed his credibility that it would require a biblical miracle for him to be trusted or respected and these types of scenarios.”

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Since news of his parole broke, many have been wondering what he will do with his time now that he’s a free man. At least one public job offer has been made — from Dennis Hof of the Bunny Ranch brothel in Las Vegas — though it’s unclear what his role would be. It’s typical when granted parole that you need to find work, and many have speculated that he won’t be able to return to his former career as a sportscaster or spokesperson; if he were to plan to return to the spotlight, Schiffer offered his advice on how he could potentially win over the public.

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O.J. Simpson breaks down after learning his fate.

“I think there are things he can do to enhance his credibility. I think it would probably require an admission [about the 1994 murders],” Schiffer explained to In Touch — though it’s worth noting, he was ultimately acquitted while on trial for murder, and has maintained his innocence despite being found liable in a wrongful death suit filed by Ron Goldman’s family.

Schiffer continued, “He could come clean and he could ask for forgiveness and he can go in the direction of faith and try to at least get some understanding and some empathy through the prism of spirituality and religion. But his ego’s too big to come clean. He has this gigantic ego that’s been carved through success in football and movies that will never allow him to do that. I wouldn’t imagine he would ever be honest in that capacity.”

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So far, it would appear that O.J. has had no problem going in the way of religion. While speaking to the Board of Parole, he revealed how he helped his fellow inmates with conflict resolution and through leadership, including his work to set up a Baptist service. He explained, “At one point, a couple of guys came to me and they said, ‘O.J., I understand you’re a Baptist. We’re Baptist and have no Baptist service here. Can you help us get a Baptist service here?’ I worked with them. We now have an ongoing Baptist service that I, as well, attended. I attend it religiously — and pun is intended — and realized in my nine years here, I was a good guy.”

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While he may have been a model inmate, unfortunately for The Juice, most of the public doesn’t think of O.J. as a “good guy.” As the CEO of Reputation Management Consultants, Schiffer is no stranger to celebrity controversy — but he said that O.J. is one celebrity (and controversy) he wouldn’t even think about touching.

“It’s interesting, because we were called by a friend of his, about potentially seeing what could be done, and we rejected that,” he explained to In Touch. “There’s no way we would ever take that on — not a chance — but there was a phone call actually a copule months ago from a close buddy of his. And there’s just not a chance we would ever take that. But I think there’s interest on his part and that of his friend’s to try to rectify and rebuilt the Hindunburg. I don’t think that’s possible.”

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