The ever-controversial O.J. Simpson is days away from being a free man. A Nevada parole board approved the former football star’s release in July, ruling that he could leave prison anytime after Oct. 1. His actual release date will most likely be Monday, Oct. 2. Before he can go, O.J. needs to be transferred from Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada to High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas. His friend Tom Scotto told CBS News that O.J. has a plan in place and scheduled his release for “shortly after” Oct. 1.

Where will O.J. live once he’s out of jail?

No one has officially said where O.J. will live once he is freed. Both of his kids with Nicole Brown Simpson have admitted that they don’t speak to him after being raised by their mom’s family. His old pal A.C. Cowlings (who drove the infamous white Bronco during the chase) also doesn’t have contact with his former teammate, as his publicist told the L.A. Times. Perhaps O.J’s best bet would be to crash with his eldest daughter from his first marriage, Arnelle. She has remained in the spotlight more than her siblings, and has been supportive of him throughout his trial and parole hearings, as has his sister Shirley.

oj simpson getty

O.J. smiles as he’s granted parole. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

When is O.J. Simpson: Endgame airing?

CBS News correspondent James Brown is doing a 48 Hours special called O.J. Simpson: Endgame on Saturday, Sept. 30, just days before O.J. is freed. The episode will be one hour, and will feature interviews with people close to O.J. and the case, like friend Ron Shipp, Ron Goldman and Nicole’s family members, journalists that covered the trial, and members of O.J,’s original legal team.

James argues that this case is especially interesting right now because of the withstanding race issues in this country, which have been inflamed recently by Donald Trump and increasing police shootings. “Some half a million inmates will be released from our state prisons in 2017,” says James. “None will be met by the spotlight, the curiosity that will greet O.J. Simpson. Will the man so many still consider a killer slip into the shadows, and live out his days quietly? We know the national conversation about race and the criminal justice system remains center stage. It is America’s endless refrain, a nation’s unfinished business. When will race no longer measure and divide us?”

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O.J.’s daughter Arnelle, sister Shirley, and friend Tom cry as he’s granted parole. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

How long has O.J. been in prison?

O.J. has been in jail in Nevada for nine years on armed robbery charges. He’s lucky to be getting out now on parole, because he was sentenced to serve 33 years for the crime. Many fans believe this was an unfair punishment, meant to make up for him being ruled not guilty in the trial for the murders of Nicole and Ron.

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