Nat D to the rescue! Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham dropped out of her long-hyped Boom Cups charity fight just a few days ago, leaving Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander with no one to go toe-to-toe with in the ring on Nov. 10. Luckily, Mob Wives star Natalie DiDonato stepped up to put on an awesome show, and raise money for anti-bullying. She sat down exclusively with In Touch to reveal her intense training regimen, history with bullying, and the gut instinct that told her Farrah was always going to drop out. Watch the video above to see Nat training in the gym! 

“I knew she was going to back out, I just knew,” said Natalie. “I had a conversation with her in Atlantic City, and she just didn’t seem too sure of herself. She kept switching her story, so I knew it was a red light with her, I just knew it.” At the time, Nat never imagined that she would end up being the one replacing the teen mom. While Nat thinks that Farrah knew she “wouldn’t have lasted two minutes against either one of us” because she’s “very frail,” she believes Farrah would have stuck it out for the attention. Except…


“What really happened was, she has beef with Drita [D’Avanzo]. She’s scared to death of her, and as soon as the promoters announced that Drita was going to be the referee, Farrah felt betrayed. This is business baby, these aren’t your friends. They don’t have to be loyal to you.” Drita promised to be a fair referee, but it didn’t take long for Farrah to make some wild demands. “That’s when she started her s–t. She requested 38 hotel rooms. Who does she think she is, Floyd Mayweather? Floyd is a good friend of mine, and I know he’s extravagant, but his requests are nowhere near those demands.”

While Nat says Farrah’s boxing training was all for show — “you can’t wear makeup in a boxing gym, you’ll be wearing it on your sneakers!” — the Mob Wives star has been boxing for years, and recently added some extra oomph to her gym routine to prepare for the last-minute fight. “I have a trainer at RidiculouslyFitt, his name is Derek and he’s amazing. He’s worked with top-notch boxers, and we’re doing intense training.” Nat’s daily burn includes jumping rope, hitting the bag, sparring, footwork, conditioning, hitting the water bag, and shadowboxing. Recently, the training got so intense that Nat “threw up four times” in one session! It didn’t take long for Nat to get her endurance up, but she’s still polishing her footwork. “I feel great, I’m such an optimistic person and I’ve been through so much in my life, I’m able to take anything. I have no fear, I eat really clean, I’m in good shape, and I’m healthy. I don’t worry about nobody, I worry about me, so she needs to worry about me.” Nat says she thinks she can tire Hoopz out, and aim for a K-O in the third round.

“I’m nobody’s sloppy seconds, but it’s for a good cause and if anyone should step in that ring for anti-bullying, it definitely should be me,” Nat explained of her reasoning for stepping up to fight. “Because when I did Mob Wives, I was extremely bullied and trolled.” Nat went on to explain that she was in an abusive relationship when she first appeared on the show, which lead to weight gain and “letting herself go.” People were so mean to her online that her mother deleted Twitter because she couldn’t bear to see it.

“It actually invigorated me,” said Natalie. “It made me go harder in the gym, it made me have self-love, and I flipped it, I’m in the best shape of my life right now, I work out every day, and I’m ready to let people know that bullying isn’t even an option.” The timing couldn’t have been better for Natalie, who admitted she was “praying the other night for some guidance and help, to lift my spirits,” after going through some hard times recently, and she got the call about the fight hours later. “My whole world went from being turned upside down to back in good spirits,” she said. “This event just really… full circle, just made me realize what a bad b–itch I really am. I want people to know that, don’t ever let anybody take your hope from you! When God closes a door, he always opens a window.”

Win or lose, Nat and Hoopz will present a united front when they host an afterparty together in Vegas. “Women have to stick together, that’s for damn sure,” said Natalie. We can’t wait!

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