What happened to Robert on My 600-lb Life? TLC viewers will be introduced to the newest participant in the series, which follows the weight loss journeys of people who are morbidly obese as they undergo weight loss surgery and adopt healthier lifestyles. While many of the previous participants have tipped the scales at well above the 600-pound mark, Robert is one of the show's heaviest participants yet — weighing in at nearly 850 pounds.

"First thing I think of when I wake up in the morning is I feel blessed and shocked at the same time because it's almost unbelievable that I woke up," he said in a clip from tonight's episode. "The pain I feel when I wake up is all over and I feel sometimes I can’t take or live this life one more minute."

Almost immediately upon waking, Robert had to use the restroom but he can’t make it on his own, so he called his fiancée Kathryn to help him get out of bed, and she also has to help him shower.

"To carry all this weight is physically draining, mentally [and] emotionally taxing," Robert said. "It's not a pain or life I’d wish on anyone because I can't do anything. I can’t do anything for anyone — especially myself so I am completely dependent on my fiancée."

Robert's story is pretty common, and many other of the show's past participants have relied on their loved ones and family members to help them since getting around is difficult for patients who are overweight. But a lot of the times, famed bariatric surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan — who specializes in gastric surgery for patients over 600 pounds — will eventually accuse those loved ones of "enabling" the patient's bad eating habits.

But fans will just have to wait and see if Robert will be successful in Dr. Now's program like James "L.B." Bonner, or if he'll fail like Lisa Fleming. My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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