Georgia native Renee Biran, 53, dropped 250 pounds from her 631-pound frame after undergoing lifesaving gastric sleeve surgery on My 600-lb Life. The mother-of-six watched her weight spiral out of control when she started having men with fat fetishes pay to watch her eat online. Although she was able to support her family, she eventually had to move in with her six children because her body started “falling apart.” They even had to help her bathe.

During her episode, Renee explained, “When I wake up in the morning, I know I made it through another night because the pain is there to remind me that I am still alive.” She added, “Getting out of bed for me is very painful. From my back to my legs, it’s just pain that I can’t even describe. Every morning it gets harder to move and harder to breathe.”

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Renee revealed that her issues with food started as a child, noting that she always felt like an outcast because she had a different father than her brothers and sisters. Renee’s mother had an affair with her best friend’s husband, and she was the result of her infidelity. “I think she was embarrassed and ashamed by what she had done and she took that all out on me,” she said. “I never felt like my mom loved me.”

When she was five years old, her grandmother saw how unhappy she was and used food to try and comfort her. Just four years later, Renee’s stepfather started molesting her, and things only got worse from there. “My mom knew everything that was going on,” she said. “There were times I would see her and she was watching. So I know she knew, but she didn’t care enough to stop it. I guess she just didn’t care enough about me.”

Renee turned to food as an escape and weighed 200 pounds by the time she was 11 years old. The molestation didn’t stop until her stepdad left her mom when she was 14, and by then, she was 280 pounds.

The following year, she got pregnant and dropped out of school to take care of her first child. Although doctors told her she was obese, she blamed her size on pregnancy. Renee went on to marry the father of her child, but he started to physically abuse her after the birth of their second child — giving her her black eyes and even breaking her nose. They eventually got divorced, but not before having two more children.

After injuring herself in a car accident, she left her job at a factory and turned to “feeders,” people who love to watch big women eat. She would also sit on men for money.

It wasn’t until she had suicidal thoughts that she turned to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for help. After learning she was close to heart and kidney failure, he put her on a strict diet. He also arranged for her to see a psychotherapist to deal with the past trauma that was fueling her addiction to food.

These days, however, she’s able to visit bookstores for the first time in years. Way to go, girl! She’s such an inspiration.

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