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When planning that perfect holiday makeup look, you probably consider things like the best products, hot makeup trends, and even which brushes to use to accomplish the look. Applying your makeup with clean brushes is as important as choosing the right brush or product, but cleaning them is often overlooked.

You may be wondering how to clean your makeup brushes correctly and what to clean your makeup brushes with. We will take a look at the best products and tools available to clean your makeup brushes to help you get that Instagrammable makeup look every day.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner You Can Buy 

The Best Overall Makeup Brush Cleaner: Senbowe Upgraded Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine

Price: $16.99

Photo Credit: Amazon

This compact, battery-powered device packs a big punch when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your makeup brushes. The makeup brush cleaner uses a spinning technique and a cleaning solution of your choice to soak and rinse your brushes, and then a second spin cycle is used to dry them in seconds. 

You’ll never have to wait long for clean, dry makeup brushes. The Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner comes with eight different-sized rubber collars to fit any brush so you can clean your whole set in minutes.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for Makeup Sponges: Clean-n-Fresh Plant-Based Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $14.98

Makeup sponges are great tools for perfecting all kinds of makeup looks, but cleaning them can be tricky. The Clean-n-Fresh kit comes with everything you need to get your sponges, well, clean and fresh!

The kit comes with two bottles of non-toxic, plant-based cleansing solution and a two-sided cleansing mat. One side is a rough scrub brush to remove powders and quickly clean between applications, and the other side has a series of raised silicon grooves for deep cleansing with the brush cleaning solution. The mat is anti-bacterial to reveal clean, fresh, bacteria-free sponges. 

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for Gentle Cleansing: Japonesque Coconut Solid Cleansing Balm

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $20

If you have high-end makeup brushes or want to preserve the bristles of your brushes for a long time, this Japonesque Coconut Solid Cleansing Balm might be just the product for you. 

To use, you wet the brush and swirl it over the solid balm until there is no remaining product. Then lay your brushes flat to dry for a few hours or overnight. Brushes come out clean and sanitized, thanks to coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties. 

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for Sensitive Skin: EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleansing Shampoo

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $11.52

EcoTools specializes in brushes, sponges, and other makeup tools that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, so it makes sense that they would create a hypo-allergenic brush shampoo to clean your brushes and sponges. 

The gentle cleansing shampoo is free of parabens, phthalates, and petroleum-based ingredients — and it can be used alone or in any makeup brush cleaning device for a deep clean. The long-lasting kit comes with two bottles of makeup brush cleansing shampoo so you’re always covered.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for a Quick Color Switch: Vanvene Cleaner Sponge

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $6.99

Every makeup user should have one of these quick-switch brush cleaners handy, and this kit comes with two! To clean, you swirl your brush around on the gritty sponge, and the brush is instantly ready to use with a new color. 

The product collects on the bottom of the brush tin, making it simple to empty and clean. The containers come with tight-fitting lids for easy storage and travel.  

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for Travel: Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner Travel Kit

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $10

Traveling with makeup brush cleaner can get tricky, but this Cinema Secrets kit makes it simple for you to keep your brushes clean on the go. The kit comes with a 2 oz bottle of bacteria-free cleansing solution (the suitable size for airplane carry-on), and a small tin to do the cleaning in.

The solution is quick-drying, so you won’t have to wait hours for the solution to dry before you apply your makeup.

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner for Multiple Brushes: Ranphykx Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $4.19

This extra-large (9×6.6 in) silicon mat is perfect for those makeup users who have lots of brushes to clean. The mat saves you time by allowing you to clean several brushes at once with its raised grooves in all different shapes and sizes. 

The bottom of the mat is equipped with 7 suction cups to adhere the mat to a sink or tub surface. Just add a few drops of your favorite makeup brush cleanser and scrub away! Lay your brushes flat to dry. 

Our Hot Take

Having clean makeup brushes is just as important as having that new eyeshadow pallet or lippy. The brushes you use can make or break a makeup look — or even break you out! Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your makeup routine. 

There are several things to consider when choosing a makeup brush cleanser. Are you a frequent traveler and do your makeup on the road? Do you like to do elaborate eyeshadow looks that switch between multiple colors? Or maybe you’re a makeup artist with tons of brushes that need to be thoroughly cleaned between clients. No matter what your lifestyle, there’s a makeup brush cleanser for you!

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