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Hot Trend: Best Tanning Lotions With Skincare Benefits of 2022 to Keep You Glowing

Your time of calm summer vibes spent relaxing by the pool, working on the perfect tan to make your skin glow and glisten is now behind you. Yes, you’ve come to terms with the fact that a natural tan will be hard to maintain without the scorching hot sun blessing you with tan lines. But, you aren’t going to let that stop you! It’s time to look for a way to keep your tan without the help of UV rays. 

You want that just got back from vacation on a tropical island look and there’s no chance we’d have it any other way! Here’s a list of the best tanning lotions to help you keep your healthy-looking, luminous tan all year round.


The Best Tanning Lotion You Can Buy: Millennium Tanning Products Solid Black

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Millennium Tanning Products: Solid Black is the best tanning lotion you can buy from our 2022 list of best tanning lotion products because it’s so easy to use! This lotion gives you a long-lasting, deep tan that makes it look like you’ve spent the last week relaxing on a beach somewhere. Simply apply the lotion evenly to your skin before hopping into a tanning bed.

Millennium 100x indoor tanning lotion will help to make your tanning bed process more comfortable by keeping your skin moisturized as you get the bronzed glow you desire. Not only will your skin get an extra boost of hydration, but you’ll also get some well-deserved nourishment thanks to Millennium Tanning Products’ formula infused with sunflower oil and pecan oil. This non-irritating, non-staining tanning lotion works well with combination skin types for a safe, quick, and lasting deep tan.


The Best Overall Tanning Lotion: Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

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If you love the scent of coconut and prolonging the life of your tattoos, Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is definitely for you. This tanning lotion formula is made up of coconut oil, coconut milk, and cocoa butter to better moisturize your skin while giving you an ultra-dark tan. Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion increases and stimulates your skin’s melanin production to speed up your tannin process. 

There are no bronzing agents used in this formula and you’ll still end up with amazing results of a dark golden tan. Coconut Kisses also includes a special tattoo protectant that will keep your tattoos looking fresh and protect them from fading while you get the tan you want.


The Best Tanning Lotion with Auto-Darkening Tan Technology: Millennium Tanning Paint It Black

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Here’s another Millennium Tanning Product you’re sure to love! Millennium Tanning Paint It Black is the tanning bed lotion for you if you’re looking for a smooth, firm, and bronzed skin thanks to the use of only one product. Paint It Black will give you a radiant dark tan coloring with its 50x auto-darkening tan technology that accelerates your tanning process.

The extreme silicone blend formulated in this product smooths and hydrates your skin leaving you with skin that’s soft to the touch. Use Paint It Black on all ages and delight in the cotton blossom scent!


The Best Vegan Tanning Lotion: That’s What Sea Said

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That’s What Sea Said Tanning Lotion contains gluten-free ingredients such as seaweed, passion fruit, hibiscus, and coconut. These ingredients will give your skin rich hydration, even skin tone, and smooth skin texture. That’s What Sea Said is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and dye-free, making it the best vegan tanning lotion option.

This tanning lotion works well both indoors and outdoors for you to freely use at your preference in a  tanning bed or outside in the sun. That’s What Sea Said’s white lotion won’t stain your clothes or skin, but will give you a dark suntan while healing your skin thanks to anti-aging ingredients.


The Best Organic Tanning Lotion: Cocosolis Choco Suntan & Body Oil

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Choco Suntan & Body Oil is an organic tanning bed lotion for indoor and outdoor use to speed up your tanning process. You’ll get a deep chocolate tan quickly or you can gradually work your way to the tan color you want by adding this tanning lotion to your daily skincare routine. Cocosolis combines organic natural ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and oils to keep your skin looking youthful and feeling silky smooth.

This product is safe for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Get the chocolate tan you want and indulge in the heavenly scent of chocolate, too!


The Best Age-Defying Tanning Lotion: Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love

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Composed of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and coconut milk, Tanning Paradise’s Black Coconut Love is like a tropical getaway in itself. Take in the sweet aroma of coconut with this sensitive skin tanning lotion and experience the hydrating benefits. Black Coconut Love is bronze-free, anti-aging, and tattoo protecting.

Stimulate and accelerate melanin production for a darker complexion with this long-lasting tanning product. Your skin will become firmer with a reduced appearance of cellulite. 


The Best Skin-Softening Tanning Lotion: Luau Island Black Bronzer (2 Bottles)

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Luau Island Black Bronzer is made with marula oil to promote your ideal soft, moisturized skin. This Advanced 200X formula will give you the island color you desire when you step out of your tanning bed. This tanning bed lotion is considered paradise in a bottle with the way it’ll transform your dull, pale skin into a gorgeous island glowing, deep tan.


The Best Unisex Tanning Lotion: Dolce Black Bronzer

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This tanning lotion is formulated with silicone for the best skincare treatment giving you luxurious skin-softening benefits for both men and women. Dolce Black Extreme Black Bronzing Tanning Lotion is a self-tanning lotion full of Dark DHA to leave your skin with a long-lasting, deep tan. You’ll also get anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skin care treatment while tanning in as little as 2 hours for the best tanning results.

No blotches, streaks, or orange tones here! Dolce Black’s natural oil and extracts will leave your skin feeling fully hydrated. Protect your tattoos and get ready for youthful, skin firming, and bronzed glowing skin indoors or outdoors with Dolce Black Tanning Lotion!


The Best Skin Nourishing Tanning Lotion: The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer

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The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer in its Double Dark Bronzing Blend is the best self-tanning lotion to get you the dark tan results you want while nourishing your skin. Made with walnut and macadamia oils combined with silicone to give your skin moisturized softness and a healthy glow. This tanning product won’t leave you with any after-tan odor whether you choose to apply The Sicilian outside for sun tanning or at the salon in a tanning bed.

You’ll be a bronze goddess in no time with the help of natural products that increase melanin production, like acai berries. Enjoy a gradual tan or apply generously for an immediate, long-lasting dark tan that keeps your skin soft and supple without any foul chemical smells!


The Best Tanning Lotion: Tan Asz U Beach Black Rum Double Shot

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The best way to quickly get to your ideal tan shade is with a double shot of 400X Bronzer By using Tan Asz U Beach Black Rum! This clean beauty self-tanning lotion is compact with organic, vegan ingredients like black charcoal and algae to give your skin a boost of nourishment while bronzing you to a deep, dark bronze.

Beach Black Rum is gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free with a coconut water base to hydrate your skin with a natural formula full of healthy ingredients. Dark peptide reserves in this tanning lotion will aid your tanning process by deepening your tan for an intense yet luminous tan.


The Best Celebrity Status Tanning Lotion: Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze

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If you’re looking for a tanning lotion that will have you as bronzed as the cast of MTV’s The Jersey Shore, Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze is your perfect choice! This tanning lotion has all the glamour of a Hollywood celebrity without breaking your bank. Hollywood Bronze is jam-packed with anti-aging essential vitamins and oils to keep your skin youthful, plump, and firm.

Ed Hardy’s accelerated bronzing formula works quickly to deepen your skin tone to an A-list glam tan. The helpful amino-peptide complex also slows down signs of aging and smooths wrinkles/fine lines to get you looking and feeling your best.


The Best Intense Tanning Lotion: Ed Hardy Triple Black XXX


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You want the most intense, instantly darkening tanning results? You need to try Ed Hardy Triple Black XXX Tanning Lotion! With 4 dark tan activators, natural and cosmetic bronzer, and dark DHA, this self-tanning lotion will give your the darkest tan possible. This tanning product has anti-orange technology to ensure your tan isn’t tainted by an orange hue.

Your skin will feel brand new thanks to this silicone formula combined with acai berry extracts, anti-aging peptides, and natural oils. Feel the smoothness of lasting hydration and the deepest tan possible with Ed Hardy Triple Black XXX —  your radiant, healthy tan is waiting for you!


The Best Instant Tanning Lotion: Devoted Creations Tanning Skincare Somewhere on a Beach

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Here’s an instantly darkening and skin-softening tanning lotion for indoor and outdoor use —  you’re going to love it! Somewhere on a Beach will have you feeling like you took the tropical getaway of your dreams just by the sweet, intoxicating aroma of tropical tantini. Your skin will be silky smooth and ultra-soft with this formula infused with walnut oil, coconut oil, and sea buckthorn berry.

Somewhere on a Beach is safe to use for all skin types and holds anti-aging peptides to keep your skin hydrated and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Get stain-free, dark tan results indoors or outdoors that won’t leave pesky streaks!


The Best Hydrating Tanning Lotion: Devoted Creations Turquoise Temptation Tanning Lotion

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Turquoise Temptation is the super smoothie blend of antioxidants, tan enhancers, and cooling + hydrating agents you’ve been waiting for! Cucumber and aloe cool and smooth your skin while adding the needed hydration to keep you looking fresh and youthful. Superfoods like strawberry, dragon fruit, acai, blueberry, and pomegranate help your skin absorb essential antioxidants for moisturizing, tightening, and toning your skin while fighting signs of aging.

Charcoal extracts will act as a skin detox to get rid of impurities while MelaTime works to increase your melanin for a darker tan in less time. Submerge your skin in Turquoise Temptation and experience the pleasure of hydrated, pore-perfect, tan skin!


The Best Skin Detoxifying Tanning Lotion: Devoted Creations Black Velvet

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Last but certainly not least, this is another tanning lotion favorite from Devoted Creations bringing you detox and mattifying properties. Take in Black Velvet tanning lotion’s sexy Orchid Noir fragrance while fighting cellulite and wrinkles as you level up to 6 shades darker in just 2 hours. Blue Tansy Extract is provided for anti-orange results while you build up to the deep-toned tan you want.

Black Charcoal works to detoxify your skin from environmental impurities while Bakuchiol increases your skin’s collagen by speeding up cell production to give you that youthful, healthy glow. This lightweight, skin conditioning formula is rich with spray tan-friendly silicones and ultra-high darkening DHA to give you skin as dark and as soft as Black Velvet! 

Our Hot Take:

You know you’re in good hands here! We’ve taken your skin’s health into careful consideration to provide you with this list of the best tanning lotions. We’re confident that you’ll find the best tanning lotion to suit your skin type and the shade you crave by using our top recommendations for 2022. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean your gorgeous tan needs to fade one bit!

What are you waiting for? Your best, softest, darkest tan is yet to come!

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