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Good sleep is so important for health. Sleep is when your body recovers from the day, and it’s also an opportunity for your mind to relax. Unfortunately, a lot of men struggle to get good rest. Stress, aches and pains, and anxiety can all make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. The best CBD oils can be life-changing for men who feel restless and uneasy at night.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp. It’s legal in the United States, and its relaxing properties make it a perfect choice for bedtime. While there are many CBD products, CBD oils are the most widely available and accessible. After reviewing countless options, we compiled the following list of 10 best

CBD oils for sleep.

Best CBD oils for anxiety, stress, pain and more

So often, sleep problems are related to issues with stress, anxiety, or even pain. If you’re feeling anxious, quieting your mind will help you drift off to sleep. If your leg is aching, easing that ache will allow you to rest. CBD is a powerful sleep aid because it can help manage all of these problems, and more. We kept this in mind as we compiled our list of the top 10 CBD oils for sleep. On this list, you’ll find our top choices for stress relief, athletic recovery, and more.

Best Overall: Extract Labs PM Formula CBN Oil

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover
Extract Labs

Extract Labs believes in making plant-based wellness products available to all. Founded by an Iraq War Veteran, the company partners with scientists and researchers to craft the most effective products possible. Their PM Formula CBN Tincture is made with American Grown Hemp and 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. They use third-party testing to ensure purity and potency, and they’re very transparent about their manufacturing process.

Extract Labs PM Formula CBN Tincture is formulated with CBN, another cannabinoid that works synergistically with CBD to enhance its effects. The product comes in a 1-ounce bottle and provides 30 mg CBD plus 10 mg CBN per serving.


  • Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Third-party tested
  • Contains CBN for enhanced effects
  • Backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Certified Vegan


  • Strong hemp flavor

What customers love most:

Customers love how this product not only helps them fall asleep, but also stay asleep. It’s a common choice among veterans who struggle with sleep due to mental stress and physical discomfort. Extract Labs PM Formula CBN Tincture allows you to wake up feeling rested, not groggy the next day. The tincture goes to work quickly, unlike CBD gummies that may take an hour or more to kick in.

Best for Anxiety: Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover

Batch is a Wisconsin-based hemp company that employs in-house specialists who craft their unique formulas. They have analyzed and perfected every step of the CBD oil manufacturing process, from the extraction to the bottling. Internal testing helps ensure their products are consistent and pure.

Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture comes in 1000 mg and 3000 mg formulas. In addition to CBD, the product is formulated with the natural hemp terpenes mycrene, linalool, and terpinolene. These terpenes help ease anxiety so you can better fall asleep at night. With less than 0.3% THC, Dream CBD Oil Tincture won’t make you high, but it will help you drift off peacefully.


  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Third-party tested
  • Flavored with natural peppermint oil


  • Dark-colored oil may stain clothing if spilled

What customers love most:

Reviewers frequently mention the mental peace they achieve with this product. Placing it beneath the tongue allows it to take action quickly, although the full effects may take an hour or two to develop. The packaging is simple, attractive, and eco-friendly, so you can feel good about your purchase. Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture has a light peppermint flavor that cuts down on the hempiness.

Most Potent: CBDistillery Sleep Synergy Tincture

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover

CBDistillery is a Colorado-based company that believes in bringing high-quality, fairly priced hemp products to the world. Their products feature transparent, informative labeling to help every customer find what they need. They work closely with the U.S. Hemp Authority and follow FDA guidelines in their facilities.
CBDistillery Sleep Synergy is our choice for Most Potent thanks to its powerful, 1:3 ratio of CBN to CBD. At this ratio, the two cannabinoids work together very effectively to promote sleep. Each bottle of Sleep Synergy contains a total of 1200 mg cannabinoids. It goes to work quickly, and once you are asleep, you’ll have an easy time staying asleep, too.


  • Made with natural terpenes for enhanced effects
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified
  • Made with Non-GMO hemp oil
  • Third-party tested
  • Clear, detailed labels


  • Thicker consistency than some oils

What customers love most:

Customers love how quickly this CBD oil works, especially when placed beneath the tongue. Those who need a higher dose of CBD for sleep often benefit from this formula. The inclusion of CBN makes Sleep Synergy effective even at a somewhat smaller dose. While the product does have a natural hemp flavor, most reviewers don’t find it overly strong. CBDistillery’s honest marketing makes it easy to know what you’re getting.

Best Tasting: Sunday Scaries Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil

9 Best CBD Oils For Pain, Anxiety And More
Sunday Scares

Sunday Scaries Big Spoon Tincture For Sleep was our choice for Best Tasting CBD Oil. This tincture has a lovely vanilla cream flavor that hides the hempiness and makes taking your CBD oil an enjoyable experience. If you find other CBD oils off-putting, this is the one for you.

Big Spoon Tincture for Sleep is formulated with CBD and CBN for a synergistic effect. It also contains valerian root, lemon balm, and chamomile — three herbs known for their relaxing properties. Made in the U.S. from USDA Organic ingredients, this tincture is also Kosher Certified.


  • Exceptional flavor
  • Contains beneficial herbs
  • Made with API-Certified ingredients
  • Third-party tested for purity and potency
  • Squeezable dropper for easy dosing
  • Backed by a human customer service team


  • May take up to 2 hours to reach full effectiveness

What customers love most:

In addition to the flavor, which customers love, Big Spoon Tincture for Sleep is favored for its deep calming effects. Reviewers comment how effectively it helps ease their worries so they can relax into a deep sleep. The dose is also easy to adjust. Customers are advised to start with a half dropper, and work their way up to a full dropper if they need more potency. Big Spoon Tincture for Sleep gives you the benefits of hemp and other herbs, all wrapped up into one tasty product.

Best for Daytime Sleepers: Green Roads Sweet Sleep CBD Oil

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover
Green Roads

Green Roads was created by a team of pharmacists. The company takes pride in offering high-quality, plant-based remedies for their customers. Their Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is one of their top sellers, and it is carefully formulated to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

If you do shift work or have other obligations that keep you up at night, sleeping during the day can be tough. Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is our best CBD oil for daytime sleepers because the formula contains a helpful amount of melatonin to help you drift off. It also contains CBN to work synergistically with the CBD. This broad-spectrum formula will help you get better rest, whether you go to bed at 10:00 am or 10:00 pm.


  • Contains 2.5 mg melatonin per dose
  • Formulated with vitamin E
  • Proprietary formula designed by pharmacists
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Convenient, 1 mL dropper included


  • Strong hemp taste

What customers love most:

Customers love how quickly this product starts working. The melatonin helps you stay asleep for hours at a time. Sweet Sleep CBD Oil works with your body to get you on a better sleep cycle, even if you can’t sleep during the night. Customers notice a huge improvement in sleep quality after taking this CBD oil consistently for two weeks.

Best for Light Sleepers: Mission Farms Rest CBD Oil

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover
Mission Farms

Mission Farms was one of the first companies to grow hemp in the state of Oregon. Over the years they have perfected the process, and now they offer a variety of top-quality CBD products, including their ever-popular Rest CBD Oil.

Mission Farms Rest CBD Oil is a full-spectrum oil, which means it contains the full range of cannabinoids available in the hemp. In addition to CBD, it contains relaxing CBDa and CBN. These compounds help ensure that once you are asleep, you stay restfully asleep throughout the night. Mission Farms sells this oil in 1000 mg and 200 mg formulas.


  • Desirable orange, lavender, and spice flavor
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Formulated with lavender, chamomile, and cinnamon essential oils
  • Contains more than 30% specialized cannabinoids


  • Takes time to find your ideal dose

What customers love most:

Customers who don’t notice as strong of an effect from other CBD products often find this one more effective. The CBDa helps enhance its effects and extend them through the evening. Mission Farms Rest CBD Oil has a pleasant flavor, although some find it to be on the strong side. It helps regulate your circadian rhythm over time, too. Customers often notice they feel more focused and at-ease the next day after taking this oil.

Best for Pain: Five Full Spectrum CBD + THC Oil

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover

Five focuses on making full-spectrum products that contain not only CBD, but also other cannabinoids. This allows their products to take advantage of the entourage effect by which various cannabinoids interact to enhance one another’s effects. Each cannabinoid interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system a bit differently, activating and inactivating nerve endings to restore homeostasis.

Five Full Spectrum CBD + THC oil contains just enough THC to help you get better sleep without feeling high. The combination of CBD and THC is especially effective at relieving pain, such as that caused by arthritis or old injuries. With your pain under control, you’re set for a restful evening.


  • Contains 1500 mg CBD and 60 mg THC per bottle
  • Certified Vegan
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in citrus and mint chocolate flavors
  • Plastic, hard-to-break bottle


  • Cannot be used before operating heavy machinery or driving

What customers love most:

Customers find this full-spectrum tincture effective in alleviating both physical and mental tension that interferes with sleep. Both the mint chocolate and citrus flavors are pleasant and light. Since Five Full Spectrum CBD + THC oil comes in a plastic bottle, you can keep it by your bedside without worrying it might fall and break.

Best for Stress Relief: CBDfx Sleep Tincture

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover

CBDfx works with doctors and scientists to create potent, solvent-free CBD products. Their Sleep Tincture contains up to 33 mg CBD per serving, along with 5 mg CBN and 5 mg melatonin.

CBDfx Sleep Tincture was our best CBD oil for stress relief because of its terpene-rich formula. Natural terpenes from hemp really help calm the mind so you can drift off and enjoy sweet dreams. This is the perfect oil to take after a long day at the office. Sleep Tincture comes in 30 mL and 60 mL bottles, and it’s made solely from hemp grown in Kentucky.


  • Made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Lab testing results readily available
  • Certified Cruelty-Free
  • Backed by a 60-day guarantee
  • Easy-to-use dropper


  • Strong hemp flavor

What customers love most:

Customers appreciate how simple and natural this product is. Reviewers love how it helps them turn off their anxious minds after a busy day. CBDfx Sleep Tincture comes with a 1 mL dropper, but many customers only have to use ½ or ¾ mL to enjoy the desired effects. This oil will help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling truly rested.

Best for Recovery: Pure Spectrum Tranquil Tincture

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover
Pure Spectrum

Pure Spectrum is a Colorado-based company that grows their own hemp in addition to making CBD products. They are committed to sustainable farming practices and have partnered with other boutique farms to grow some of the highest-quality hemp around. They place a huge emphasis on purity and craft products that take advantage of the entourage effect with a spectrum of cannabinoids.

Pure Spectrum Tranquil Tincture contains both CBD and CBN. The CBN helps relax tired muscles, which is why this oil is our top choice for recovery. It’s the perfect oil to take when recovering from a hard workout, a stressful week, or a bout of illness. You’ll doze off peacefully and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.


  • Lab-tested for purity and potency
  • Non-GMO
  • THC-free formula
  • Made in small batches from USA-grown, organic hemp


  • Bottle can be hard to open

What customers love most:

Customers enjoy the transparency of Pure Spectrum’s marketing. They take a simple approach and keep the customer’s best interests in mind at every step. This oil is easy to dispense with the included dropper, and its flavor is relatively mild. Pure Spectrum Tranquil Tincture will help you get better rest without any groggy after-effects or concerns of addiction.

Best for Athletes: Kanibi Sleep Nighttime Blend

Best CBD Oils For Sleep: 10 Products To Help You Rest & Recover

Kanibi creates potent CBD products backed by scientific methodology. They keep their ingredients lists simple and use top-quality hemp for maximum effectiveness.

Kanibi Sleep is our top choice for athletes who need to rest up for the next day’s training or recover from a hard workout. Its CBN and terpene content relax the muscles so your body can heal. Kanibi Sleep contains less than 0.3% THC, and it is double lab-tested for extra assurance of purity.


  • Made from USA-grown hemp
  • Contains 25 – 30 mg CBD per mL
  • Sweetened with natural stevia extract
  • Naturally flavored
  • Tested at 2 laboratories
  • Made in an FDA-inspected facility


  • Peppermint flavor lingers for a while

What customers love most:

Customers love how easy it is to find their perfect dose of this product. The dropper is clearly marked, so you can take the exact amount you need. Kanibi Sleep provides noticeable bodily relaxation so you can sink into your mattress and get a good night’s rest. The peppermint flavor lingers, but it does a good job of covering the hempy taste.

How we picked our winners

CBD oil is a popular sleep aid, and there are plenty of companies offering quality products. Choosing only 10 CBD oils for this list took some deep analysis and consideration. At the end of the day, there were five core qualities we considered when choosing our top 10.

Hemp sourcing

CBD is only as good as the hemp it comes from. We only included products made by companies who were transparent with their hemp sourcing. In fact, all of the products on this list are made with hemp grown in the USA. This helps ensure safety and consistency.


CBD oil has the potential to be messy. So, we considered the packaging when compiling this list. We gave a product extra attention if it was sold in recyclable or sustainable packaging. But overall, as long as the bottle was sturdy, came with a dropper, and closed tightly, we were happy.

Lab testing

Lab testing is essential in the CBD industry. It’s important that customers know how much CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids the product contains so they can properly moderate their dose. We favored products that used third-party labs for their testing. Some products on this list were even double-tested at two different labs.


What customers have to say about a product is really important. The CBD oils on this list not only satisfied our criteria, but also satisfied customers’ criteria. We didn’t just look for positive reviews, either. We considered what reviewers chose to comment on and examined whether the reviews reinforced the manufacturers’ claims about their products.

Strength and potency

The more potent a CBD oil is, the less you have to take. Holding more than a dropper of CBD oil under your tongue can be unpleasant. For this reason, we aimed to include only potent CBD oils on this list. Many contain other cannabinoids in addition to CBD, which adds to their potency.

Benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil is favored as a sleep aid because it is natural, safe, and effective. It’s widely available and quite affordable, especially when compared to prescription sleep medications. Another benefit of CBD oil is the ability to moderate your dose. You can take a smaller dose for a little relaxation or a larger dose for deep relaxation. You don’t have to worry about feeling groggy the next day, either.

Types of CBD oils

To some degree, the benefits of CBD oil depend on the type of CBD oil you take. There are three key kinds of CBD oil being made today.

Full Spectrum CBD oil:

These oils contain CBD plus any other cannabinoids in the hemp. MOst of them are high in CBN. Some contain CBDa or CBG, too. These cannabinoids work together to enhance each other’s effects. Many full-spectrum oils do contain traces of THC, so you should not take them before operating heavy machinery or driving.

Full-spectrum oils go to work quickly, and they can have powerful sleep-inducing effects at smaller doses than other oils. They’re also really good at relieving underlying problems that interfere with sleep, such as pain and anxiety.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil:

These oils also contain a spectrum of cannabinoids from hemp, but they are generally free of THC. Those who want the potency of the entourage effect but wish to avoid THC can benefit from a broad-spectrum product. These oils tend to be good for pain and anxiety relief, too.

CBD Isolate: CBD isolate oil, or pure CBD oil, only contains CBD. The other cannabinoids from the hemp have been removed. You often need a higher dose of pure CBD products to feel sleepy. However, they are a good choice for people who feel overly tired when taking CBN, and also for those who want to avoid THC entirely.

What’s CBD used for?

People use CBD oil for more than simply inducing sleep. It’s also helpful in managing anxiety, easing muscle soreness, and decreasing inflammation throughout the body.

CBD has been used to manage epileptic seizures, and also to reduce PTSD symptoms. Those addicted to opiates have found it helps reduce their cravings so they can avoid relapse. There are also studies that have found CBD effective at relieving neuropathic pain, such as that caused by scoliosis or sciatica.

Many of the conditions CBD helps manage also keep people awake. As such, taking CBD before bedtime can help you sleep both directly by promoting relaxation, and also indirectly by easing symptoms of other ailments.

Potential side effects of CBD oils

CBD oil can causeside effects, but thankfully, they are generally mild. The most common side effects include:

  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • A dry, cottony mouth sensation
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

If you develop side effects from taking CBD oil, that does not necessarily mean you should stop taking CBD oil entirely. In some cases, switching to a lower dose may allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD with fewer side effects. If you’re taking a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product, switching to CBD isolate may also help.

If the core side effects you are experiencing are nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite, try taking your CBD oil with a snack or small meal. Sometimes, these side effects have to do more with the fact that you’re ingesting oil than with the CBD itself.

CBD is safe for most people to take. However, you should check with your doctor before taking CBD if you are taking any medications. Some of them, such as blood thinners, may be affected by CBD.

CBD for first-time users

People often wonder what to expect when they take CBD for the first time. Overall, you can expect a relaxing sensation that comes on slowly. Some people start to feel it within 30 minutes of taking CBD. Others don’t feel the effects for one to two hours. CBD won’t make you feel high. However, it can have mental effects in terms of helping you feel less stressed out, less anxious, and less worried. You’ll also feel its effects throughout your body as it eases muscle soreness and pain.

When you take CBD for the first time, start with a small dose. Depending on the product, either 0.25 or 0.5 mL is a good amount to start with. Dispense the product beneath your tongue. Then, hold it there for 30 – 60 seconds before swallowing. You have blood vessels close to the surface under your tongue, so taking CBD sublingually allows for faster absorption and results.

Pay attention to how you feel 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes after taking your CBD. If you don’t feel quite as relaxed as you would like, then take a slightly larger dose next time. Keep working your dose up, a little at a time, until you arrive at a dose that helps you snooze comfortably.

Other CBD products to try

In addition to CBD oil, there are other natural remedies, both cannabis plant-based and non, that can help you get better sleep. Here are a few top options to consider.

CBD gummies

If you enjoy the effects of CBD but find the oil messy, you may want to try CBD gummies instead. These gummies taste like candy, but each one contains a measured dose of CBD. You simply chew one or two gummies an hour before bedtime. Then, brush your teeth and head off to sleep. Gummies are portable, discrete, and delicious.

CBD bubble bath

Do you like taking a relaxing bath before bed? The warm water can really put your mind and body at ease. Adding some CBD bubble bath (or even CBD bath bombs) to your tub will make it even more effective. The CBD will go to work topically, easing any itching or skin discomfort you may be experiencing. Some of it will also be absorbed through your skin, so it can help ease anxiety before bedtime.

CBD lotions

CBD lotions are another topical product you can use before bedtime. These products are wonderful for anyone who suffers from eczema, skin-related allergies, or even a mild sunburn. They’ll soothe your skin and relax your mind so you can rest and heal. Look for a CBD lotion formulated with lavender or vanilla essential oil, and you can enjoy some aromatherapy at the same time.


Melatonin is a hormone that your body is supposed to produce in the evening in order to encourage sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep, you may not be making enough melatonin. Taking a melatonin supplement can help. Some CBD oils even contain a small amount of melatonin to enhance the effects of the CBD.

Sleep hygiene

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, it could be partially due to poor sleep hygiene. Improving your sleep hygiene can help you get better rest. Some common ways to improve sleep hygiene include:

  • Turning down the thermostat. Most people sleep best in a slightly cool room.
  • Avoiding electronics for at least an hour before bed.
  • Using your bed only for sleep and intimacy.
  • Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

Even if you find CBD helpful for sleep, combining the CBD with improvements in sleep hygiene is sure to have an even stronger effect.


Chamomile is a natural herb known for its relaxing properties. Some CBD oils are formulated with chamomile to make them even more effective. You can also brew a simple cup of chamomile tea to enjoy before bed. It’s widely available in most grocery stores.


Is CBD oil legal?

CBD oil is legal in the United States under federal law. It was made legal by the Farm Bill, which was passed in 2018. The bill allowed for the growth of hemp, which is defined as cannabis plant strains that contain no THC or very little THC. This was the first time in more than 80 years that Americans were allowed to grow hemp legally and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

As of 2022, federal law still prohibits the sale of marijuana and of products containing THC. Some full-spectrum CBD products contain traces of THC, but as long as they are less than 0.3% THC, they meet the federal standard for legality.

How do I take CBD oil?

Most CBD oils come with a dropper that fits into the bottle. To take your CBD oil start by lifting the dropper so the tip is outside of the CBD oil. Squeeze the dropper, then lower its end into the product to suck CBD oil into the dropper. Then, deposit the contents of the dropper beneath your tongue. Close your mouth, and let the CBD rest under your tongue for one minutes. Then, swallow any CBD oil remaining.

If you are not comfortable holding the CBD oil beneath your tongue, you can instead deposit it directly on top of your tongue and swallow it immediately. However, the CBD oil will take longer to have an effect when taken in this way.

You should always brush your teeth after taking CBD oil and before going to bed. Some CBD oils contain sweeteners that could increase your risk of cavities if left in contact with your teeth overnight.

What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil?

Put simply, CBD oil is the oil extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant, often blended with other carrier oils like MCT oil or coconut oil. Hemp seed oil is oil pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil do not contain CBD. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which makes hemp seed oil a good choice for healthy cooking. However, it is not a sleep aid like CBD oil.

Sometimes CBD oil is sold as hemp oil. This is still different from hemp seed oil.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

CBD and THC are two separate compounds. THC is psychoactive and has the potential to make you feel “high.” CBD oil is non-psychoactive and will not make you feel high. THC is still federally illegal, while CBD is not.

With that being said, there are some CBD products that contain traces of THC. Many full-spectrum CBD oils, for instance, contain less than 0.3% THC. This is enough THC to interact with the CBD and help enhance its effects, but it should not make you feel high. Still, it’s best to be on the safe side and avoid operating heavy equipment if you take a full-spectrum CBD product with traces of THC.

If you absolutely do not want to consume any THC with your CBD oil, then look for a CBD oil made with CBD isolate. These are 100% THC-free.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Drug tests measure the concentration of THC in the urine, blood, or hair. They do not measure any amount of CBD in your body. As such, taking CBD oil should not cause a positive result on a drug test.

In most cases, even full-spectrum CBD oils that contain traces of THC will not cause a positive drug test. You’re not taking in enough THC with these products for it to show up in your urine at a detectable concentration. However, there are occasional exceptions to this rule. On very rare occasions, taking products high in CBN can lead to a false positive on a THC test. So, if you are drug tested regularly and are concerned about testing positive, you may want to look for a CBD oil made with CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

Can you take CBD oil in the daytime?

People often take CBD oil for pain or anxiety relief in the daytime. If you do wish to take CBD in the daytime, make sure you buy a product that does not contain any melatonin, chamomile, or valerian root. These other ingredients are likely to make you feel drowsy. They’re perfect for nighttime CBD oils, but not in the daytime.

Also consider taking a lower dose of CBD when you use it during the day. For instance, if you take 1 mL before bed at night, try taking 0.5 mL during the day. This lower dose should allow you to harness the pain-relieving and anxiety-relieving properties of CBD without feeling too drowsy.

What are terpenes?

You’ll see many CBD products advertised as containing terpenes. Terpenes are simply aromatic compounds that give a plant its scent, and in many cases, contribute to its flavor. Cannabis plants are not the only plants that contain terpenes. Grapes, lavender, mint, and other plants with potent scents also contain terpenes.

Many of the terpenes in cannabis and hemp plants are thought to have therapeutic qualities. Their benefits are not as well understood as those of CBD — at least not yet. However, certain terpenes appear to enhance the effects of CBD.

If you read your CBD oil bottle, you may find that it lists specific terpenes contained within. Common ones include limolene, mycrene, and linalool. Limonene has a citrus-like scent and can help ease anxiety. Mycrene has topical notes and a mild sedative effect, and linalool smells like lavender and can help relieve stress.

What’s the difference between CBD tincture and CBD oil?

Technically, a CBD oil is a product that contains CBD oil, sometimes mixed with other carrier oils like MCT oil or coconut oil. A tincture, on the other hand, is CBD dissolved in alcohol. However, CBD companies do not always use these terms in their strictest context. Many products sold as CBD tinctures are, in fact, CBD oils.

If you’re not sure whether a product is a true tincture or a CBD oil, check the ingredients list. If alcohol or ethanol are listed as a key ingredient, the product is a true tincture. If the core ingredients are all oils, you’re looking at a CBD oil labeled as a tincture.

Should I take CBD oil to help me sleep?

If you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, CBD oil is an excellent product to try. It’s natural, non-addictive, and safe for most adults. It will not only help you fall asleep, but should help address the root cause of your sleeplessness, whether that be anxiety, muscle soreness, or stress.

When shopping for CBD products, it’s important to read the label and pay attention to details. Some CBD oils are certainly better quality than others. You can count on the high quality and effectiveness of the Top 10 CBD Oils for Sleep that we’ve listed above. Start with a low dose, adjust your dose as needed, and look forward to a great night’s rest.

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