Diversity is the spice of life. We all have different dreams, values, and opinions — but we all gotta eat.

Digging into a delicious meal (especially when you’re reeeally hungry) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Cooking that delicious meal? Well, that’s the tricky part.

Cooking can be fun, but it can also be a hassle if you’re working with complicated recipes or if you’re in a hurry. That’s usually around the time you start thinking about ordering delivery.

Today, we’re here to make the case for cooking your own meals — with some help. Seriously, what if we told you cooking could be the highlight of your day, every day?

Making a home-cooked meal you and your family can look forward to all day is well worth the effort. And now, it just got a whole lot easier, thanks to MinkDog Bespoke Blends.

From Robert Downey Jr. (yes, that one) and Chef Tyler Lewis, MinkDog makes culinary aids that take cooking a meal from a check on your to-do list to the most fun you’ve had all week.

Once you elevate your cooking with MinkDog’s spice sets, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.


Every Dish Is a New Experiment

We get it — life is busy. Sometimes, cooking dinner is the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day. 

Think about it this way: What if cooking your own meals could be therapeutic? What if it could spark joy and inspire you to create an entirely new relationship with food?

That’s been our experience, and we’re no expert chefs. 

When we cook — especially when we’re cooking for the people we love — ingredients become paint colors on a palette. It’s a chance to express ourselves, try new things, and learn as we go.

Once you start seeing meals as artistic experiences, everything changes. Your chef d’oeuvre? Flavor, and lots of it. Whether you’re the Michaelangelo of cooking or a culinary novice, MinkDog makes crafting the Sistine Chapel of tastes a breeze. 

A Tradition of Home-Cooking

Cooking is a deeply personal experience. We all remember the flavors we grew up with, the recipes we looked forward to as kids, and the memories we made around the dinner table. When we cook — especially for our own families — we pass on that legacy of flavors and love. 

MinkDog’s Story

If you think of flavor as a collection of memories and experiences, then MinkDog Bespoke Blends is an ode to generations of home cooking. Chef Tyler Lewis grew up in the kitchen, exploring the natural world in his hometown in rural New England and bringing those fresh ingredients into the meals he and his family ate.

After getting his start in food in the restaurant biz, Chef Tyler followed his passion for cooking into private chef work around the world. Along the way, he met Robert Downey Junior, who shared his love for complex flavors — and the rest is history.

MinkDog is an accumulation of flavors Chef Tyler picked up throughout his journeys, expertly and professionally curated for at-home chefs everywhere (and at every skill level). 

It’s like having a white-capped chef in your corner every time you use them. Pretty cool, right?

MinkDog’s Spice Blends 

MinkDog’s spice blends were developed with family-style home cooking in mind. They’re versatile and sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Keep reading to see how they can easily fit into your weeknight routine. Plus, we’ve included one show-stopper recipe for each — no need to thank us.

Fennel Pepper

This Fennel Pepper blend is our go-to seasoning for weeknight meals. When we’re not sure what seasoning should go with our dish, we use Fennel Pepper. No muss, no fuss — just a lively and aromatic flavor profile. Fennel Pepper pairs garlic, sumac, coriander, and thyme with that signature fennel punch.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered:

  • Side Dish: Roasted potatoes and Fennel Pepper are a match made in heaven. Olive oil, a sprinkle of Fennel Pepper, and an hour in the oven are all you need.
  • Weeknight Dinner: Chicken breasts pair excellently with Fennel Pepper. It’s not overpowering and really lets the flavor of the meat come through.
  • Showstopper: When Thanksgiving rolls around, Fennel Pepper is a great base for your turkey seasoning. Yeah, it’s kind of the main event. Fennel Pepper’s got lots of texture and crunch to give your turkey a beautiful color in the oven (and a delicious flavor in your mouth). 

It’s the brightness and richness your DIY meals have been missing.

Maple Java

Further up on the tang scale (AKA, our favorite scale) is MinkDog’s Maple Java blend. This mix expertly balances sweetness and spiciness, pairing maple sugar with ancho chili. Add a hint of coffee with lime, and you have a full punch of flavor waiting for you. Side note: Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

Let’s see just a bit of what Maple Java can do:

  • Side Dish: This seasoning really elevates already sweet ingredients, so try it on sweet potato fries to give them a crisp touch of heat.
  • Weeknight Meal: Maple Java is perfect for seasoning a butternut squash soup. Season, roast the squash to bring out their full glory, then blend, blend, blend.
  • Showstopper: Hello, ribs! Rub this onto a rack of ribs and smoke them for as long as humanly possible for tangy, fall off the bone heaven.

Maple Java is seriously addictive. Once you try grilled pineapple with a Maple Sugar rub, your life will be changed forever. 

Hampton Boil

Chef Tyler Lewis — the culinary expert behind these incredible flavors — spent many a summer cooking for families up and down the Hamptons. That experience paid off with this smokey and citrusy Hampton Boil Blend. 

Smoked paprika, cardamom, garlic, and lemon come together for an aromatic rub, bursting with brightness.

Don’t believe us? Try these dishes on for size:

  • Side Dish: Butter + Hampton Boil = A perfect spread for corn on the cob. Use skewers to give yourself something to hold onto because these will be (and should be) slippery.
  • Weeknight Meal: Shrimp scampi was made for these flavors. Toss your shrimp in the rub, then add olive oil and more seasoning to al dente linguine for a bright and summery delight. Best of all? It’s done in thirty minutes.
  • Showstopper: As the name implies, a seafood boil is calling your name. Clams, lobster, mussels: the world is your oyster (pun intended). Add Hampton Boil and live the good life, even if the nearest ocean is a lifetime away.

Hampton Boil is seafood’s best friend, but there’s no need to limit it to sea creatures. It’s equally delicious on land animals (and veggies, for our vegetarian pals).

Each of MinkDog’s unique spice blends brings so much to the kitchen, but we really think they work best together. The more you experiment with your flavors, the more fun you’ll have in the kitchen. With the full set of MinkDog’s spice blends, you can begin your journey towards home cooking glory.

Bonus, when you buy the spice blends bundled together, you save 15% from what you’d pay if you bought them individually. 

Why wait? Grab MinkDog’s full set of spice blends today!

The Maple Set

Once you try MinkDog’s Maple Set, you’ll swear off the generic stuff for life. Their maple syrup is rich and ambery, and their spreadable whipped maple syrup certainly earns its Maple Heaven name. Both taste awesome on pancakes, in yogurt, in oatmeal, and even can sweeten a savory dish.

Word to the wise, don’t tell your family when your new jar of Maple Heaven arrives. It’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. You might want to go ahead and grab a three-pack of this otherworldly maple spread — when something is this good, more really is more.

Experience these all-organic, made-in-Vermont maple delights for yourself, and taste the delicious difference.

The Sea Salt Set

Harvested on the coast of New England and expertly refined for crunchy goodness, MinkDog’s Sea Salt Set will permanently replace your table salt.

The Coarse Sea Salt is the perfect finishing touch for pastries as well as savory dinners, and the Smoked Sea Salt brings an elegant depth to whatever you use it on.

Keep these salts by the stove and have fun sprinkling them on just about anything.

Can’t wait? Grab your sea salt set ASAP!

Destress Your Dinner

Have you ever got going on a recipe only to discover you’re missing some key ingredient like thyme or chili flakes and had to scrap the whole thing? Or how about the added time of needing to measure out each individual seasoning in teaspoons? 

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With MinkDog, cooking can be too.

MinkDog’s spice blends take the hassle and the guesswork out of seasoning your food. Their spices are a hit every time — full stop. With three distinct spice flavors to choose from, sea salt that will transport you to the coast, and a truly heavenly maple syrup trio, you’ll never stop loving their unique and elevated flavor profiles.

Check out their incredible bespoke blends, salts, & maple products, and bring some fun into your home-cooked meals.

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