Boss vibes! Stormy Wellington is a fitness influencer, author, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, and she’s set to make her reality TV debut on Lifetime‘s new series, Million Dollar Hustle.

“This is a story of how a broken little girl went from hustlin’ on the streets to helping women break generational curses. This is my story,” Stormy, 41, says in In Touch’s exclusive sneak peek trailer of the March 17 season premiere of Million Dollar Hustle.

Bianca Shadai, Ana Cantera, Stormy Wellington, Nathalie Nicole Smith, Tammy Price and Bawselady, star in Million Dollar Hustle.
Malik Alrahim

“So, I got my start in network marketing and made some initial money and used it as a stepping stone to build my multi-million-dollar empire,” she explains in the clip. “And now, I sell coaching and training programs, I do events and seminars, I have my own skincare line, CBD line, an activewear line and I’m also involved in real estate. And I coach ordinary people and I teach them how to build multiple income streams and businesses that transform lives. But what I really sell is transformation.”

In 2015, Stormy started her fitness and weight loss journey and after achieving impressive results, she helps other women to start their own journeys. “Five years ago, I was homeless with my kid and now, I make bank,” costar Tammy Price attests.

“I feel like God placed me on this Earth to help women to dig out of the pits of life to find their true hustle — not everybody likes how I do that, though,” Stormy adds. “There are thousands of women that I help daily. They all fight for my attention for the coveted position of being in what I call my ‘circle of bosses.’”

The series follows Stormy as she runs her business with her “circle of bosses” — costars Tammy, Bianca Shadai, Ana Cantera, Nathalie Nicole SmithDianna Williams, Bawse Lady and Stormy’s daughter Maniya Essence Canty. While there are perks to the lifestyle — like expensive cars, custom designer jewelry and designer purses — there is also plenty of drama. “Running with me is not for the faint at heart,” Stormy warns. “Even though we’re sisters, success and money can take a toll on relationships.”

“Leading these strong women is not easy. As much as I love helping them, it gets lonely at the top,” Stormy tells the camera. “I transform lives. This is not Girl Scouts. These women gotta grow. And if you can’t afford tough love ‘cause [you’re] not ready for it, then don’t get in the mix! Some of us need a Stormy Wellington, some people are grateful for me, some people can’t take me. And that’s OK. It’s a privilege to f–k with us.”

Million Dollar Hustle premieres on Lifetime Thursday, March 17, at 10 p.m. ET.

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