It looks like Miley Cyrus is already on to the next one, because the 26-year-old singer was spotted kissing Cody Simpson at Backyard Bowls in Los Angeles on October 3. According to an insider who spoke with In Touch exclusively, no matter what the romantic situation is between them, the 22-year-old is exactly what Miley needs right now. Besides, we all know the pop star’s brand of ~friendship~ is probably a little more handsy than most.

“Miley and Cody are old friends. Right now she needs someone she can trust and rely on and Cody is that guy, he gets her,” an insider dished exclusively. “He’s super sweet, tall and Australian — just like her ex Liam. So there’s that!”

Naturally, being on the heels of a divorce with her estranged husband, Liam Hemsworth, and a breakup with fling Kaitlynn Carter has left the Hannah Montana alum picking up the pieces. But it seems as though she’s taking things slow in order to figure out what she wants her next romantic move to be.

miley cyrus wears a hat and black t shirt in a selfie with mountains in the background miley cyrus seemingly shades exes in message about love on instagram
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus/Instagram

“Miley is trying to figure it all out. It’s been a whirlwind since her breakup with Liam, and then her quick romance with Kaitlynn, which ended abruptly,” the source continued. “It’s been like Hurricane Miley swooped in, but now she realizes that she needs to let the dust settle before she gets into another relationship.”

Believe it or not, hanging out with her longtime pal/potential hookup has been extremely soothing for the brunette beauty. “Cody has a calming effect on Miley and that’s what she needs right now,” the insider explained. “He’s like her comfort food. She needs Cody in her life right now.”

Though nothing is certain as far as their status, there’s no denying the groundwork is there. “Miley and Cody have a ton in common. They can sit down and play music until the sun comes up,” the source dished. “They’re both single and have seen each other go through many romances and breakups. They have a special connection. And now it’s a bit more than just friends. Everyone is curious to see where this goes.”

Plus, it seems like things really did heat up when the dynamic duo hit the town together. “They both were standing at first, then hugging, kissing, and talking. They sat down next to me and my friend and started having a serious conversation about a guy,” an eyewitness dished to In Touch. “Then eventually she got up and sat on his lap and started making out with him. They both stood up once Cody’s named was called and she kissed him again and they left holding hands.”

Looks like we might have a new couple to watch, y’all.

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