Miley Cyrus is thrilled her dad Billy Ray has seen the light and divorced Firerose after just seven months – but she’s still very much on her mom’s side and telling him to grovel on all fours if he’s to stand any hope of long term forgiveness. An insider exclusively tells In Touch, “Miley is still pretty angry with her dad for the terrible way he treated Tish [Cyrus], so it’s not going to be as simple as all is forgiven, just because he’s single again. He’s going to have to work very hard to get back into her good graces, but divorcing Firerose is definitely a step in the right direction.”

Billy Ray met Firerose while filming the Miley-led show Hannah Montana that aired on Disney Channel from 2006 through 2011. The pair found their way to one another after the former country star separated from Tish in April 2022 after 30 years together. Billy and Firerose got engaged seven months later and tied the knot in October 2023. Their whirlwind romance came to an abrupt stop when the “Old Town Road” singer quietly filed for divorce from Firerose in May 2024.

After their split went public, the insider tells In Touch that “Miley always knew it wasn’t going to last and that her dad was being taken for a ride.”

“So, it really pissed her off that Billy Ray wouldn’t listen to her warnings. She doesn’t want to see her dad hurting, but she’s also feeling pretty smug about being proven right. That being said, she’s very happy that her dad has come to his senses and dumped Firerose, she always blamed that relationship for ruining her family,” the insider reveals. “He’s now on a big campaign to make things right with Miley but if that’s going to happen, he’s also going to have to make things right with Tish, and the entire family. As far as what that will actually take, only time will tell, but knowing Miley she’ll want to see real actions on his part to do better and that would likely include therapy.”

Although it’s up in the air if Miley and Billy will have a relationship, the “Flowers” singer is a “big believer in therapy and she has a lot of compassion for her dad and what he’s been through in his life, she would love to see him overcome his past and get healthy. She will always love him, so a reconciliation isn’t off the table but it’s not going to happen overnight.”

The Cyrus family was pulled in different directions after Billy and Tish ended their marriage. While Miley and sister Brandi Cyrus have rallied behind their mother, Noah Cyrus stood by her dad.

After Miley didn’t mention Billy in her acceptance speeches while winning her first two Grammys in February, a source exclusively told In Touch that Dolly Parton intervened in the family feud.

Billy Ray Cyrus Seemingly Engaged to Singer Firerose
Courtesy of Billy Ray Cyrus/Instagram

“[Dolly] can’t stand that they’re not talking,” a source revealed in March about Miley’s godmother. “Billy Ray and Miley are like family to Dolly.”

The insider revealed, “Dolly told Miley she admires her principles, but cutting her own father out of her life is a mistake she’s going to regret forever. And she told Billy Ray to apologize to Miley — even if he feels like he has nothing to apologize for!”

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