The man suing Mia Goth for alleged battery on the set of her horror film MaXXXine accused filmmakers of refusing to turn over key evidence in the case, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, James Hunter, who worked as an extra on the film, claimed the defendants “refuse to produce the unedited recordings which should show the warning to [Mia] and her kicking [James] in the head.”

James filed a lawsuit against Mia, MaXXXine director Ti West and film company A24. He claimed he worked as a background extra as a “dead parishioner” in the horror film. He said his scene called for him to lay on the ground while Mia ran past or stepped over him.

James said he was covered in fake blood from head to toe. On top of that, he said he had to deal with “ants and mosquitoes” on location.

‘Maxxine’ Extra Suing Mia Goth For Battery Drops Bombshell Over 'Unedited Footage' in Court Battle
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He said Mia, 30, was warned multiple times that she nearly stepped on James during her scenes.

“In the next scene Mia intentionally kicked plaintiff in the head. After the scene, [Mia] invaded plaintiffs privacy in a bathroom and dared him to do anything about it,” his lawyer said.

James claimed Mia “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him. “[James] complained and was fired,” his lawyer said.

To make matters worse, the extra claimed getting the fake blood off caused him extreme pain. James said the kick by Mia caused him serious pain and problems with his neck. He said a doctor told him he suffered a concussion.

His lawsuit demanded $500,000 in damages for the alleged battery and wrongful termination. Mia and the other defendants denied all allegations of wrongdoing. The actress asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to dismiss all claims against her.

Mia’s lawyer argued, “If any of the allegations in the Complaint occurred, which [Mia] denies, then each and every cause of action alleged against [Mia] therein is barred because [James] consented to and approved all the acts and/or omissions about which [James] now complains.”

‘Maxxine’ Extra Suing Mia Goth For Battery Drops Bombshell Over 'Unedited Footage' in Court Battle
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Her lawyer also argued, “The Complaint, and each and every cause of action therein, is barred because the acts or omissions of [James] at all times relevant were in good faith, in the exercise of her reasonable business judgment, for good cause, and for legitimate business purposes and/or necessity, and therefore, privileged.”

Mia’s attorney added, “If [James] sustained any damages, which [Mia] denies, such damages were proximately caused or contributed to, in whole or in part, by the acts, omissions, culpable conduct, lack of due diligence, negligence, misconduct, and/or bad faith of [James] and/or third parties, or [James] and/or third parties otherwise were at fault.”

Mia asked that James be ordered to cover her legal fees.

In his new filing, James said he estimated the trial will take a total of seven days.

The case is ongoing. Over the weekend, MaXXXine opened with $6.7 million. The film is the third in Ti West’s trilogy, which also includes the 2022 films X and Pearl.

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