Following Matthew Perry’s death from the “acute effects of ketamine” last October,  authorities launched a bombshell criminal probe. In June, In Touch reported exclusively on a shocking new  lead in the investigation: “Officers seized an iPhone and a laptop from a [famous] woman’s  room at a sober living residence in L.A. and brought her in for questioning,” an insider revealed, explaining that the Friends actor, who died in his hot tub at age 54, had “formed an unexpected friendship” with the well-known woman after meeting her during one of his 15 rehab stints. On June 25, In Touch publicly identified that celebrity, who was “completely cooperative with authorities, says the insider: socialite and actress Brooke Mueller, 46 — actor Charlie Sheen’s former wife.

Now, in another world exclusive, In Touch has exclusively learned that a second celebrity friend could be entangled in Matthew’s drug death investigation, which is being conducted by the LAPD, the  U.S. Drug  Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. According to a  source, this second star and Matthew both claimed to be sober but were in fact “walking pharmacies” who engaged in late-night chats about their addictions, sobriety battles and personal lives. There’s also photo evidence of Matthew and this second pal together at the  office of a doctor who prescribes ketamine, raising new questions. The source believes Matthew and the second celebrity pal may have “aided” each other by referring each other to their respective doctors whenever their own drug supply ran low.

In his 2022 memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, Matthew, who struggled with alcohol and opioid addiction for most of his life, wrote about undergoing therapy using ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic drug sometimes used to treat depression and other mental health issues. But the actor’s last ketamine treatment with his doctor was conducted a week-and-a-half before his passing. Because it metabolizes quickly, “the ketamine in his system at death could not be from that infusion therapy,” his autopsy report stated. Investigators therefore suspect that Matthew got the fatal dose from someone else. (Sources say police believe multiple people should be charged; the U.S. Attorney’s office has “no comment.”)

A look at the relationship between Matthew and the second celebrity pal could provide new leads into the source of the ketamine that killed him, claims the source. “If the feds had either one of their phones — especially [the second celeb’s], because she doesn’t erase her text messages — they would probably find conversations about the drug and ‘How can I get extra?’ Like, ‘Oh, come see my doctor if you need more,’” says the source. “It will not look good for the celebrity.”

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