Decision Day! The time has come for each couple from Married at First Sight season 14 to decide whether they will continue in their marriage or if they will split. 

Fans saw five couples meet at the altar in Boston, Massachusetts, before setting off to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon with their stranger spouses. Each pair had eight weeks to get to know their partner before Decision Day arrived, but for one of the couples, eight week was far too long.  

MAFS Season 14 Finale Which Couples Are Still Together Decision Day

Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman called it quits after just 12 days of marriage making theirs one of the shortest-lived marriages in MAFS history.

“Alyssa, from the wedding night, has no interest in being married to me,” Chris told Married at First Sight expert Pastor Cal Roberson at the time. “She says that we’re not compatible. She’s used the phrase robbed. This is my Decision Day. I want a divorce.”

Following the pair’s divorce, however, Chris revealed during the Where Are They Now special that he’s been “talking to” another Married at First Sight alum.

“It’s Olivia. She’s from the New Orleans season,” he said when asked about his current relationship status, referring to Olivia Cornu from season 11.

“We’ve talked a little bit online, although we haven’t met in-person yet, so later this week, I am flying her up to Boston,” Chris said during a confessional. “Flying someone halfway across the country is an investment, and there’s some nerves there.”

As for the rest of this season’s couples, scroll down to find out which couples are still together.

MAFS Season 14 Finale Which Couples Are Still Together Decision Day

Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis

Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark Maher’s relationship did not come without its hurdles. His apparent addiction to social media, for instance, led to several arguments. 

“Sometimes he’s just looking at his phone instead of the path in front of him,” Lindsey said of her husband.

“They both strive for a future and family together,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz said of the couple, “But explosive fights and difficult communication has been their downfall.” 

Despite their challenges, the couple decided to give their marriage a chance. “You are genuinely good and kind,” Lindsey said on Decision Day before she pulled a green button from her pocket that read, “YES.” 

“The future looks so bright from here, I think it’s going to be a good life ahead,” Mark said.

However, things would fall apart only five months later. During the season’s reunion special, which aired on May 18, 2022, Mark detailed their nasty break up to host Kevin Frazier, saying, “It was some of the worst arguments I’ve ever had in my life.”  

“The fact that we fought every single week and the fact that you went for my throat in every single fight is what caused me to say ‘I’m out,’” he continued. “I’ve been picked on a lot as a kid. I would put Lindsay at the top for the way I was threatened and bullied like that.” 

As for Lindsey, she made the cross country move to California. “I really value intellect. And I feel like there’s a great amount of those people in Palo Alto and the Bay Area,” she explained of her decision to leave Boston, but not without throwing a dig at her ex. “And I thought, better picking for a good man.”

The pair reconnected once more during the Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now special where Lindsey took the opportunity to apologize for calling her ex-husband a “pathetic f–king loser” during the now-infamous bowling alley scene.

“I just felt so awful that you had to see that or hear that because I never intended for you to see or hear that,” she said of the incident. “I felt bad that you had to see it and hear it … I felt embarrassed that I embarrassed you.”

Mark accepted her apology and added, “I wouldn’t mind being her friend in the future.”

MAFS Season 14 Finale Which Couples Are Still Together Decision Day

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency

Though Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency have struggled to get past the “friendzone,” Pastor Cal gave the couple a pep talk before making their decisions. 

“I want you to know that the friend [and] romantic person is not exclusive,” the expert said. “Sometimes, people can get stuck in one of those places and say, ‘This is who we are. This is where we are.'” 

“It does merge,” he added. “Don’t separate in your mind the difference between ‘Okay, we’re friends and that’s all we can —’ That’s crap.”

Ultimately, the pair decided to remain married on Decision Day. “I feel like I don’t know you enough, so you know, I want to get to know you more and stay married,” Jasmina told her husband. “I always said that I would never leave any type of relationship if I didn’t give 100 percent, and I can’t say that I gave 100 percent if I don’t try after this, so we’ll see how it goes.”

While they gave fans hope at a blossoming romance, the pair revealed they separated just two weeks after filming ended. 

Still struggling to get out of the friendzone, Michael asked Jasmina for a divorce. “I straight up told her, I said, ‘I don’t feel like I’m getting anything from this,’” he revealed at the reunion special. “I feel like there’s certain validation and certain things that I need that I’m not getting here.”

Jasmina felt she put more effort into the relationship than Michael but she also described a nasty fight that unfolded between the two. “He said I wasn’t putting in any effort. And so the way that conversation was handled, I was just like, ‘I don’t have time for it.’ So if he didn’t ask me for [a divorce], I was going to,” she added. 

Despite the split, the exes hold no bad blood against each other. “I personally like the space that we are in, and I’m glad we can be in the same room without it feeling like a lot of tension,” Jasmina continued. “‘Cause he’s a great guy and he’s super funny.”

MAFS Season 14 Finale Which Couples Are Still Together Decision Day

Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode

Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode had some major hurdles to overcome, especially when it came to his desire for a “traditional wife.”

“I want … someone who enjoys cooking and cleaning,” he said. “How can I be sure that she is going to make me happy every single day?”

Though Olajuwon considered his wife’s cooking to be “inedible,” the pair decided to give their relationship a chance and stay together on Decision Day, which aired in May 2022.

“When I came into this marriage, I asked for a woman who’s more established in life. And those are the reasons why I would say no today,” Olajuwon said. “But I will say this: I love our chemistry. I love who you are as a person. I love to be around you — and your effort is what made me overlook all those things.”

Sadly, the Boston couple announced their split in November 2022. 

“After one year of marriage and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” the couple’s joint statement read on Instagram. “However, this was not an easy decision to make. We leave our marriage with enormous love and respect for each other. We only ask that, at this time, our privacy is respected.” 

However, less than a month later, the duo sparked reconciliation rumors after reuniting for a tropical vacation in December 2022.

“Never forget you’re a fearless woman! You fight every fear from animals ‘Alpacas’ to deep ocean swimming ‘snorkeling’ and more!” the season 14 alum wrote via Instagram, in a post dedicated to his MAFS bride. “Thank you for always having faith in whatever my heart and mind desires in life. Thank you for making sure I have a strong relationship with God. I appreciate everything you have taught me about myself without you even knowing it.”

He went on to thank the franchise for introducing him to Katina and added, “God is good in so many ways I get emotional just thinking of my life and how much I have matured as a man. I am truly thankful words can’t express it.”

Their reunion was short-lived as the couple seemingly broke up again by February 2023. 

“We both have made the decision to walk away from our marriage. We are officially legally separated,” Olajuwon wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post on February 9, 2023. “We leave with the utmost respect for each other. At this moment, we ask for space. Thank you to everyone who supported us.”

In March 2023, it was announced that Olajuwon and Katina were set to appear on Married at First Sight: Couples Couch

While the couple is seemingly not together — that same month, Olajuwon took to Instagram to share a few throwback photos with Katina. In one snap, he nuzzled close to his rumored ex as he tagged her Instagram handle in the post. Any positivity between them was short-lived, however, as Katina put him on blast in January 2024 for having another woman since before the show. 

MAFS Season 14 Finale Which Couples Are Still Together Decision Day

Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy

Despite the fact that Noi Phommasak worried about financial stability, given that Steve Moy does not have a job, she decided to stick with her partner. 

“They both come from close knit families with a strong desire to have children,” Dr. Viviana Coles said of the pair. “They have the foundation for a long-lasting marriage but only if they can work through their financial issues and both feel secure with trusting each other.”

“I would love to stay married with you,” Noi began. “In a very short amount of time, you have taught me what it means to be vulnerable.” 

Steve even got down on one knee and re-proposed to his wife in front of their castmates on Decision Day.

“I wanted to ask you if you’d be my adventure buddy, my sushi partner and my partner in life,” he said while presenting her with a ring pop, before pulling out a diamond ring. 

However, just one month after the season finale aired, the couple announced that they had called it quits via separate Instagram statements on July 9, 2022. “Divorce feels good,” Noi simply wrote alongside a bikini photo.

“We’ve been apart for a little while now, to the point of moving on, with hope pretty much fading for any chance we could recover,” Steve wrote in a lengthy Instagram post that same day. “Noi, I’ll always love you. I so wish we were a better fit,” he added.

Following their highly publicized split, Noi has stayed positive about her love life. 

“I will always believe in love,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories in October 2022. “Despite all odds and the ugliness that has been served to me this year … How bold and brave in what has destroyed me.”

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