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‘Married at First Sight’ Spouse Drops the Dreaded F Bomb: “Let’s Be Friends”

Last week on Married at First Sight the episode ended on a dramatic note. Sheila and Nathan got into an explosive argument, Danielle and Cody struggled with intimacy issues, and Ashley and Anthony clashed over baby plans.

In this episode, the couples finally leave their honeymoons and return to normal life. Surpringly, normalcy calms much of the drama from last week as we watch the couples settle into their lives and we get a good sense of how these couples really work together. Let’s jump into the recap, shall we?

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Sheila and Nathan

Things did not end well for them in episode five. After Nathan tells Sheils off-camera that he no longer wants to be married to her, he attempts to apologize over dinner as Sheila cries and storms out.

mafs recap 6

“I f—ed up,” Nathan admits to the camera. “But I’ll make it right.”

As Nathan continues to apologize to Sheila, who continues to yell at him that he doesn’t “get it,” Nathan finally takes Sheila’s hands and asks if she wants to pray with him. Suddenly, Sheila’s face lights up. Keep in mind, Sheila and Nathan were both matched because of their extreme Christian faith. When Nathan said the word “pray,” her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

mafs episode 6 recap

After a quick prayer, all is forgiven! It’s a little strange to watch. Just two seconds ago Sheila was screaming at Nathan that he didn’t “see her.” Having emotions that jump from zero to 100 and back is never a good thing. But surprisingly, their honeymoon ends on a good note.

Back in Chicago, Sheila and Nathan take a tour of each other’s homes. While Sheila is at Nathan’s house, she finally meets Nathan’s little brother, Tyrique. It’s surprisingly not as awkward as you would think. Sheila even laughs and compares them to Three’s Company, unaware that a 17-year-old teenage boy has no idea what that is.

mafs recap awkward

However, after checking out each other’s abodes, they both decide to move into a larger space that would fit all three of them. After a mini House Hunters-esque interlude, which included a slight tiff over renting a house that was well over their budget, they finally decide on a modest house with two bathrooms and enough space for all of them. Things are going creepily well for them this episode, especially after last week. Is everyone on Xanax? Something’s not right.

Anthony and Ashley

Out of all the couples, they seem to have the best chemistry. But after their romantic honeymoon free of drama, Ashley ruins it by telling Anthony she wants a baby — right now.

“It’s probably sooner than I was thinking,” Anthony tells the camera. “We have a lot more to do in seven weeks than just think about kids.”

mafs episode 6 recap

With the issue unresolved, the couple returns to Chicago where they get acquainted with each other’s living situations. Ashley, who seems to have an endless list of quirks, tells Anthony she likes to store her shoes in her kitchen cupboards.

mafs episode 6 recap

Good luck with having to deal with that for the rest of your life, Anthony.

Because both Anthony and Ashley have roommates, they decide to look for a place together. They take a look at one place that Anthony thinks is “perfect,” but Ashley tells him it won’t work because there’s no designated parking.

“Oh, you mean a parking spot just for you?” Anthony asks her in the sassiest voice we’ve heard. It’s like he thinks she’s high maintenance or something (which she totally is).

mafs episode 6 recap anthony

As Ashley explains why she wants designated parking, Anthony shrugs and says this isn’t a battle worth fighting. They keep looking and eventually find an apartment that has a golden parking spot just for Ashley. (Now imagine we said that last sentence in Anthony’s voice.)

Danielle and Cody

Things aren’t looking good for them. After Cody tells Danielle last week that he feels their connection is “forced,” he then goes the extra mile by dropping the dreaded F bomb. He tells Danielle that he wants to be her — oh gosh, we can’t even say it — friend!

mafs recap 6 cody and danielle

“I feel like I’m forcing a little,” Cody tells her. “For me, I want a full deck. I think starting as friends is a really good place to start.”

Danielle is blind-sighted. “We’re not going to be able to move forward if he’s feeling that way,” she tells the camera.

Yikes, well on that rough note, the couple heads to Chicago with apprehension in the air. When Danielle comes by to visit Cody at his parents’ farm, he tries to clear the air and blames his F bomb on a “misunderstanding.”

“It came out wrong,” he tells her. “I don’t want to be friends with you, you’re my wife. I just want to be on the same wavelength with you.”

She agrees, of course, because Danielle seems to always blindly agree with everything Cody says while, at the same time, judging him for not doing the same. Oh, and if you want to get hammered while watching this, take a shot every time Danielle says “manly.” You’ll be blacked out on the floor before the commercial break.

danielle and cody mafs

Like the rest of the couples, they decide to look for a place together and decide on a modest townhouse that’s located right in a convenient location for both of them.

All the couples are optimistic about their futures, and we can’t wait to see how the couples will interact now that they’re in the real world and off those darn islands!

In the meantime, check out the gallery below to see what couples from previous seasons are up to now.

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