Comedian Marlon Wayans asked a judge to deny his ex Brittany Moreland’s request for primary physical custody of their 19-month-old daughter, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Marlon, 51, responded to Brittany’s petition over custody of their child Axl July Ivory Wayans.

Marlon said the parties should split joint physical and legal custody of Axl.

In addition, he asked the court not to grant Brittany’s request that he cover all outstanding expenses related to her pregnancy and birth.

He asked that they both be on the hook for the bills.

Comedian Marlon Wayans Fires Back at Ex’s Demand for Primary Custody of 1-Year-Old Daughter
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Further, he asked that the court to order the exes to each to pay their own legal fees in the case, despite Brittany’s request he cover her bill.

Earlier this year, Brittany filed her petition in Los Angeles Superior Court. She asked that Marlon be established as the legal father.

She asked that Marlon be awarded visitation rights with their daughter. She said she believed the comedian earned $200,000 per month and had the funds to pay high child support.

Brittany claimed her monthly expenses totaled $21,000 — which includes $5,000 on rent and $9,000 on childcare.

Marlon spoke to The Shade Room after Brittany’s petition hit the news.

He said, “All love, all GOD. The baby isn’t a secret. The mama has been posted. But I chose to keep the baby’s private life private. Ain’t nobody’s business. Social media is toxic and dangerous, and I’d like to keep her peace.”

He added, “It’s the classic case of a good, loving, responsible father shelling out over $18k per month for a one-year-old, and an entitled woman decides she wants more. My mama and dem would’ve lost their minds for $2K.”

He said despite the court drama, “I remain in light and love and keep a smile on my heart.”

Marlon continued, “All these women having to drag men to court who pay NOTHING towards their children. And here, a woman gets a doctor’s salary and says it isn’t enough?”

“I’ve had two children before this,” he added.

“I’ve never had this problem. I’m a good man with a good heart and strong sense of responsibility, but I refuse to be used and discredited.”

Comedian Marlon Wayans Fires Back at Ex’s Demand for Primary Custody of 1-Year-Old Daughter
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The actor shares two sons, Kai and Shawn, with his ex, Angela Zackery. Wayans has spoken out in support of Kai, who came out as transgender.

“I have a daughter that transitioned into a son,” the actor said. “My daughter Amai is now Kai.”

On top of the custody battle, Marlon had to deal with his house being targeted by burglars this week. TMZ reported the actor’s home was broken into while his brother Keenen was home.

The actor returned home to find his pad disheveled and thousands of dollars and a safe were stolen.

The actor laughed off the incident on social media.

He posted a video telling people not to target him because he doesn’t own anything. “The most valuable thing in my house is my house. So, unless you’re gonna put that shit on a truck and drag it away, then, yeah, man, you did well, but I don’t own shit.”

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