After exploring several theories on The Killing of Marilyn Monroepodcast, Marilyn Monroe’s death remains one of Hollywood’s great mysteries. The podcasts experts, however, believe the answers lie with the late actress herself.

In the final episode, experts argued that Monroe’s body should be exhumed and reexamined. And then, her death will be solved.

Author Fabulous Gabriel is sticking to the theory that foul play with Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, led to her untimely death. Investigators claimed the doctor shot a needle into her chest that may have cracked her rib.

“If they exhume the body and they see a cracked rib, then one of the stories is true about the heart shot,” Gabriel argued in episode 12.

Investigator Becky Altringer isn’t sure Greenson is responsible for Monroe’s death, but she thinks he knew more than he let on. Patricia Newcomb, the actress’ publicist, and Eunice Murray, her housekeeper, were also among the last to see Monroe. Newcomb, now 88, is the only still alive.

“I do believe that Pat Newcomb knows a lot more than what she’s saying, but I don’t think she knows 100 percent of what happened,” the investigator claimed.

Of course, it’s been claimed that Monroe spent her final hours in despair over her alleged affairs with President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, which she detailed in a yet-to-be-found diary. It’s also possible she confided in her psychiatrist, Greenson, but his files have been sealed until January 1, 2039.

“I’ll probably be dead before they’re unsealed,” Altringer said on the podcast. She claimed she threatened to go to court to have access to the files, but her quest came up short.

And while a coroner’s report ruled that Monroe died by suicide, experts believe the icon deserves justice — whether that means solving the case on their own, or reexamining her body.

“She doesn’t deserve for the rest of history to say that she committed suicide, when in fact, I don’t believe she did,” Altringer argued.

The Killing of Marilyn Monroeis a 12-part series giving an inside look into the actress’ career and tragic death. The series’ episodes can be streamed and downloaded everywhere podcasts are available.

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