June “Mama June” Shannon’s husband Justin Stroud refused to go to counseling amid their ongoing marital problems.

The couple got into a yelling match after Justin, 35, accused June, 44, of not making sacrifices or offering him support, adding that her behavior makes him feel more like her assistant than her husband.

“You do nothing,” he yelled in the beginning of a teaser clip for the Friday, June 5, episode Mama June: Family Crisis shared by Entertainment Tonight. “And you can’t be against the one person that does the majority of s–t.”

As their fight played out, June reflected on her mindset during the argument in a confessional.

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I’m not gonna constantly sit here and make somebody stay. Like, he has packed his s–t before and I begged him not to walk out the door,” she told the cameras. “But now him still saying that he’s unhappy, I wouldn’t want to do that because I did that once before. And so I’m OK saying, ‘There’s the door. Go be somewhere where you are happy.'”

June reiterated the sentiment during the fight, adding, “I don’t want to keep somebody here that doesn’t want to be here.”

“As much as I love you …” June began before Justin said, “You don’t love me! I’m sick of doing everything. I’m sick of being June’s assistant.”

While June admitted she has her faults, she pointed out that Justin isn’t a saint. “You can’t say I’m always the problem when you can’t admit you are part of the problem, too,” she added.

“If you want this to work you gotta be willing to sincerely take some of my advice sometimes,” Justin said, while June responded, “And how many times in the last year have I asked you to go to counseling?”

However, Justin didn’t take the suggestion well and raised his voice. “F–k you and counseling!” he shouted. “I’m not gonna keep investing into somebody who thinks she’s above everybody else.”

The clip continued with Justin storming out of the house, which made June laugh. “It’s not funny, June!” he said.

Mama June's Husband Justin Stroud Refuses to Go to Counseling Amid Marital Problems: 'F--k You'
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Fans have watched the couple experience many ups and downs during the recent season, while Justin admitted he was considering leaving June after she stole money from daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s Coogan account.

They got into a yelling match during the June 14 episode after Justin urged June to pay Alana, 18, back the $30,000 she took from the account. “Make it right!” he shouted. However, June insisted she didn’t have to because Alana and Lauryn “Efird” Pumpkin still wouldn’t talk to her once she paid the teen back.

“You owe it to her. When you ask me to take care of stuff and you asked me to move here, I did it. And because I love them and I care for them and I want the relationship to not be f–ked up, at least on my end,” Justin said. “I need you, as your husband, to take care of it.”

Justin later expressed his concerns while getting a meal with his mother, admitting he was “gonna leave” June if she didn’t pay Alana back.

“June lives on another planet sometimes. Like, you took the girls’ money. It’s her money,” he explained. “I don’t know what to do. You know, it’s my wife. But, like, right is right and wrong is wrong.”

Mama June: Family Crisis airs on Wetv Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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