Anna Cardwells daughter Kaitlyn Shannon asked the court to allow her to continue living with her grandma Mama June and not force her to move in with her late mom’s ex, In Touch can exclusively report.

According to court documents obtained by In Touch, Kaitlyn, 11, filed a declaration as part of the custody battle brought by Anna’s ex-husband Michael Cardwell.

Anna passed away on December 9, 2023, following a battle with cancer.

Following her death, Mama June filed an emergency petition seeking custody of Kaitlyn.

She claimed to not know the identity of Kaitlyn’s father.

“More recently, approximately one month before her passing the mother and child began residing with [June],” the filing read.

Mama June’s 11-Year-Old Granddaughter Pleads With Court to Stay With Reality Star Amid Custody Battle
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June said it would be in Kaitlyn’s best interest to live with her full-time. The reality star asked the Georgia judge to award her custody of the minor.

The court granted June’s emergency petition for temporary custody but set a hearing to determine permanent custody.

A couple of days later, Michael, who shares an 8-year-old daughter, Kylee, with Anna, asked the court to award him custody of Kaitlyn. Kylee has been living with Michael since Anna’s death, while Kaitlyn has been living with June. In his petition, Michael told the court the two minors should not be split up.

He said he helped raise Kaitlyn while he was married to Anna. In addition, he claimed June had a “sorted” relationship with Anna. June opposed Michael’s request.

In court documents, June said, “When [Michael] resided in Alabama, he only visited with Kaitlyn at most once per month, sometimes going three (3) months between visits.” Regarding Michael’s claim about her relationship with Anna, June said, “Outside of one short period of disagreement, [June] and Anna had a stable parent-child relationship.”

Her lawyer continued, “Kaitlin has spent her childhood regularly seeing and spending time with [June]. On the other hand, [Michael] has been an inconsistent presence in the child’s life since at least 2017.” June scoffed at Michael’s claim he raised the 11-year-old. She said the only “father figure” in Kaitlyn’s life was Eldridge Toney, Anna’s widower.

In her motion, June accused Michael of physically abusing her daughter.

Mama June’s 11-Year-Old Granddaughter Pleads With Court to Stay With Reality Star Amid Custody Battle
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“During his marriage to Anna, [Michael] frequently physically abused Anna and the child and it would not be in the child’s best interests to be in [Michael’s] care and control,” her filing read. Michael’s attorney, Donald Lewis Roberts, previously addressed the claims.

He said, “Michael denies these allegations. This is the first time that any of these allegations have been made against him. He and Anna had a great relationship when they were married and simply separated due to differences in opinions and personalities.”

He continued, “They managed to get along throughout the divorce as well and had maintained a good relationship with his family and him. They’ve always stuck together for their children, and we will see what proof Ms. Shannon has for these types of claims, these very serious claims, to make on somebody — if she has any proof at all.” In her new declaration, Kaitlyn said, “I am electing and hereby expressing my desire and intent to reside primarily with my maternal grandmother, June Shannon. I do not wish to have set visitation with Michael Cardwell.”

She added, “I also with to speak to the Judge to inform the court of my wishes.” June also filed a motion seeking records from the Department of Family and Children Services. She said she believes the agency has records relevant to the case. She said the information is material to the matters before the court. June asked the court to instruct the Department of Human Services to allow the court to inspect the records.

A judge has yet to rule on June’s motion.

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