June “Mama June” Shannon reveals how her weight loss journey is going after sharing she was taking injections during an exclusive video interview with In Touch.

“I’ve been on weight loss medication. I was first on Semaglutide, which is like Ozempic. And now I’m on Triglycerides for the last three weeks,” June, 44, tells In Touch, adding that she likes the current medication “better” and hasn’t had any side effects.

She explains that she lost 30 pounds, and has also been working out at the gym “three or four times a week.”

“I was one of those girlies that was like, ‘Oh no. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want to be on the toilet. I don’t want to be throwing up’ because I experienced that with the gastric bypass – the gastric sleeve,” June continues about the mediation, referencing the weight loss surgery she had in 2016. “For me, I’ve had no side effects. I don’t eat sweets. I don’t drink sodas.”

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While Triglyceride is often treated for diabetes, June says she has had “no low blood sugar” since starting the medication. “I’ve just been really good and consistent,” the longtime reality star continues. “The only difference [for] this medicine and the gastric sleeve is I lost 160 pounds in four weeks [with the surgery] and with this I lose four pounds a week.”

Fans have watched June’s weight fluctuate over the years, and she revealed she was taking weight loss injections in April after she gained 130 pounds. In an Instagram video, June told fans she underwent weight loss surgery in 2016. She went from weighing 550 pounds to 311 pounds on the day of the surgery, and she ultimately weighed 195 pounds.

After noting she was able to keep the weight off for years, June said she started gaining weight due to the stress she felt amid her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell’s cancer battle. Anna eventually died at the age of 29 in December 2023.

Shortly after June revealed her new weight loss plan, fans slammed the TV personality for using the weight loss injections as a “quick fix.” The drama began when June announced she lost 7.4 pounds in an Instagram post on April 28. “Didn’t you have gastric bypass a few years back?? You were looking good. What happened?” one troll wrote in the comments section, while another added, “You keep talking about how this is a lifestyle change. Your weight loss surgery was also a lifestyle change. But you didn’t keep it.”

However, June quickly defended herself by explaining that she was also making lifestyle changes to improve her health. “I definitely do not do Little Debbie snacks at all anymore. I haven’t had anything fried and going on three weeks. It just suppresses your appetite, but it is not a quick fix. It is a slow process that is not going to happen overnight,” she told the critics, adding that “a lot of bariatric patients” go on “weight loss shots years later.”

Mama June Shares Update About Weight Loss Injections: ‘I Lose 4-Lbs. a Week’
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