Will Dominic go through with his wedding to Mary? On the next episode of Love After Lockup Dom admits to feeling overwhelmed at the thought of marrying his fiancée. But, Mary doesn't look like she will be deterred from fulfilling her dream of marrying the ex-con.

"If we can get through him being in prison, we can get through anything," she says in the sneak peek. "I've been planning my wedding basically since me and Dom first met, but with all Dom's parole restrictions he doesn't want to do the kind of wedding I want to do. But, at this point, I am happy just to marry Dominic in any way that makes sense — if he wants a smaller wedding then I'm happy with that."

Judging from the clip above, it looks like Dom might be getting cold feet. "I'm feeling a little nervous today because getting married is a huge deal, but Mary stood by me the whole time I was in prison, so the least I can do is give her what she wants." What she wants? Is that Dom's way of admitting that getting married isn't actually what he wants?

"Dominic used to be a little bit more affectionate before he went to prison," Mary explains. "And you know, now, I'm starting to worry that Dom doesn't actually want to get married and he's just doing this to make me happy." Unfortunately, Mary is picking up on some hesitations that Dom has about their wedding. "Everything's really overwhelming. I want to be married to Mary, but I guess I'm still nervous about doing this."

Will Dom tell Mary how he feels? Will the wedding ever happen? Find out what happens with Mary and Dominic tonight — Love After Lockup airs Fridays at 10 p.m. EST on WE tv.