From the moment Lois Lane first appeared on Smallville, she immediately won us over with her funny one-liners and her firecracker personality. Her intelligence, bravery, and wit were like a welcome breath of fresh air in every scene. But most of all, what made her character so compelling was her brutal honesty.

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Scroll down the page to see all the times Lois Lane said exactly what we were thinking in everyday situations.

1. When you overhear someone telling lies about you.

smallville lois lane quote 6
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2. When you like your boyfriend’s mom more than him.

smallville lois lane quote 2
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3. When you’re caught doing something you’re not supposed to.

smallville lois lane quote 3
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4. When things start to get hot and heavy with your partner, but you get interrupted EVERY single time.

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5. When you can literally predict everything about your friends and ALWAYS be right.

smallville lois lane quote 8
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6. When someone starts to sound cliché and self-righteous.

smallville lois lane quote 7
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7. When you notice that lying has become someone’s best skill.

smallville lois lane quote 4
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8. When you’re nervous and you try to play it off with a ridiculous joke.

smallville lois lane quote 1
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9. When you need some room to just breathe.

smallville lois lane quote 5
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10. What you’re REALLY thinking when you try to offer a friend some dating advice.

smallville lois lane quote 10
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