A week after the death of her newborn daughter, Christy McGinity is ready to open up to fans. On Monday, March 30, the Little Women: LA star took to Instagram to thank her followers for all the love and support they showed her. Sharing a photo of her 2-week-old baby’s feet, she gave an update about how she’s doing.

“Since our sweet Violet passed away, it’s been so hard grieving over her,” Christy, 42, wrote in the caption of the picture. “We have received so many heartfelt prayers, thoughts, flowers from all our friends and family. For that, we are very thankful. 🙏🏼💜”

Fans were quick to share their condolences. “Feels weird to say this about a stranger, but I really have been thinking about you so much. No one deserves what you’re going through. I wish I could bring her back to you. 😞 Hold onto each other,” one wrote. “I am so sorry for your loss. May she rest in the arms of the angels,” a second added. A third encouraged, “One day at a time. … All your feelings are OK for you to feel. Prayers to you.”

The post was the star’s first since losing her daughter on March 23. At the time, Christy and her boyfriend, Gonzalo Justo Carazo, broke the news in a statement shared with In Touch. The couple spent only two weeks with their little girl after she was born prematurely at 33 weeks — 7 weeks early. Unfortunately, however, the heartbreak didn’t end there.

After leaning on each other during the tragic time, the parents had to say farewell as Gonzo headed back to his home state of New York. “Goodbye, my love,” the mom of three wrote in a second post shared on social media on March 31. “I’m super sad how life has turned out. Gonzo is on his way back home to New York. He works IT, in healthcare. My heart is ripped out! Gosh, how life sucks!”

In his own post, the new father also lamented leaving. “Heading back home to New York because of my job. I know lots of you are asking WHY I didn’t stay with Christy, but the truth is hospitals never close, and I work in the healthcare industry, so this is something I needed to do in order to keep my job,” he explained. “[I had] been out [in San Diego, California for] over six weeks, and I’ve been here for Christy during this difficult past month, but then again my job and career is in NY!”

The duo were friends for over a decade before they started long-distance dating, and they’ve made a point of visiting each other. Though they’ll be on opposite coasts as they continue to heal, we have no doubt that they’ll continue to help each other stay strong. “When we’re not together,” Gonzo wrote in a May 2019 post, “don’t ever forget that I’m only a phone call or FaceTime chat away from seeing your beautiful face. #MissYou.”

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