Traci Harrison Tsou is leaving Little Women LA because she’s pregnant with her first child, the reality star has confirmed.

TMZ first reported the 39-year-old and her husband, Erik, are expecting their first child — an average-sized baby boy — due in about five months. The odds of that happening (as both parents carry the gene for dwarfism) are one in four, the outlet writes.

The reality star and her husband are considering their bun in the oven to be a “miracle baby” as the four-foot tall mama-to-be repeatedly tried to get pregnant, and after two miscarriages, doctors suggested the couple consider a surrogate.

There are no hard feelings between Traci and production, TMZ reports, as she ultimately decided the pregnancy should remain her priority because she’s experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Congratulations to the family on their new addition — we can’t wait to meet him!