Fans of WE tv’s Life After Lockup  — the spinoff from Love After Lockup — are going to witness Brittany and Marcelino go through plenty of highs and lows in the new season, as she pursues a dream career in real estate despite the obstacles of her prison record and prior felonies … as well as their three young children!

“Everything I’m doing in life right now is a learning curve for me and I definitely appreciate my husband being supportive and knowing that I’m not perfect … that no one in this world really is … but this season’s definitely got a lot of drama coming up, that’s for sure!” Brittany revealed to In Touch in an exclusive interview.

In the video super tease for the season, Marcelino asks Brittany what’s happened to their money, and she tells him “it’s gone,” while tearfully saying that she feels “like a f–king idiot.” Marcelino said that “at the end of the day, what we’re looking at is the progression of Brittany as she evolves into businesswoman and the ups and downs of being a businesswoman. Sometimes it’s a hard lesson to find out.”

The big news for the former inmate is that she got her real estate license in 2021. “That is one of the biggest, hugest accomplishments for me by far,” she gushed with pride.

Brittany noted that when they were trying to move out of the initial apartment they lived in when she first came home from prison, people discriminated against renting to her due to her background check showing her prison time.

“I really feel like it’s a driving force and motivated us into home ownership, and then I became passionate about real estate after buying and selling our first two houses,” she told us.

“So, I was like, ‘You know what, it’s very unlikely that felons will get their license applications approved, but I’m going to try anyways.’ I went to school every day, Marcelino was so good about supporting me and taking care of the kids,” Brittany explained.

“I wrote the (Nevada) real estate division a letter and I submitted it with my application, and I was like ‘listen, by now you’ve got my background check and I know you have all the reasons to deny me. But here’s why you shouldn’t.’ I just wrote them a heartfelt letter and told them why I believed they should accept my application, and they did! And now I’m licensed and I’m working with quite a few clients already and it’s just a really beautiful feeling. It’s such a huge accomplishment for me and my family.”

After Life After Lockup‘s prior season that focused on Brittany’s efforts to get help get her mom sober after years of substance abuse, followed by the previous season where she and Marcelino learned how to juggle their family of three small kids, it will be a treat to viewers to watch Brittany grow and become empowered as she blossoms into an independent businesswoman.

Life After Lockup‘s new season premieres on Friday, August 27, at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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