Kylie Jenner Hates Hiding Her Pregnancy for Kris Jenner: "It's Created a Lot of Tension" (REPORT)

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It might be time for Kylie Jenner to finally come out of hiding. The 20-year-old reality star is pregnant with her first child and has been hiding out from paparazzi for months. Her mysterious baby bump has yet to be visibly photographed and while we're sure she's looking forward to welcoming her baby into the world, sources told Radar Online that she's also a little terrified.

"Honestly, Kylie is just an emotional wreck right now,” a source close to the family said. “She does not know what to do or who to trust, and she is just so vulnerable right now. Her age is really starting to show.”

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While momager Kris Jenner wasn't able to keep it a secret that Travis Scott got Kylie pregnant, she is trying to control when her daughter will publically announce the pregnancy. But, Ky is tired of hiding and keeping it a mystery.

"Kylie is just tired of being in hiding. She hates the fact that she has to keep it a big secret for Kris,” the source added. “It’s created a lot of tension between the two of them and there was already a lot of tension to begin with.”

And it's not a surprise that Kylie is adjusting to her pregnant life. She's not even of a legal age to drink and she's about to be responsible for another human being. The gravity of the situation is not lost on the star.

“Kylie couldn’t believe her eyes when the test came back positive,” a source recently told In Touch. She was so shocked and scared that the source reveals she considered ending the pregnancy, explaining, “Kylie was very conflicted in the beginning about whether or not she was going to keep the baby. It was a decision that was weighing heavily on her and it wasn’t something that she took lightly."

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