Shut down!  slammed a troll on Instagram who called her “unappreciative of everything”  and ex  “gave her.” Season 17 followed the ‘s struggle with wanting to “step back” from her longtime duties on the show, which led to a rift with her siblings — specifically  and . Fans may see the famous family’s life unfold on screen, but Kourt was quick to clap back at the social media user who also said she was “negative” and “mean to her sisters.”

“Keep analyzing, boo,” the 40-year-old simply responded to the rude comment on  on February 27. The mom of three clearly has no time to explain herself.

Kourtney Kardashian Slams Troll Who Says Shes Unappreciative of KUWTK and Scott Disick and Mean

Last season, the reality babe was very open about how she “wasn’t happy” filming anymore and had hit her “breaking point.” Her indecisiveness of not knowing how she wanted to handle her next move caused a lot of tension. Kim arguably said that “if everyone acted like [she] did” about showing their lives on camera, “then we’d absolutely have no show.” In the end, they all agreed that they want each other to be happy, but KUWTK will continue with or without Kourtney.

However, she shared on February 25 that she was filming for the E! production. “These are my confessions,” she captioned a series of  photos that featured her in a private interview.

Kourt has made it clear for a while that the show interferes with her life, including romantic relationships. “ because of the busy shooting schedule,” a source exclusively told Life & Style magazine in November 2019.

As far as her relationship with Scott, 36, the social media troll was incorrect when they said she didn’t appreciate the father of her three kids. The pair are  to their children —  and  — despite breaking up for good in 2017.

“The truth is, my problems shouldn’t affect the kids,” the Talentless founder told  in June 2019. “Just because their mother and I couldn’t make it as a perfect, romantic couple shouldn’t have anything to do with the kids. They don’t deserve our mistakes, so we figured out a way. We still need to be as honest and as good to each other as if we were together. Let’s  and that’s it.” Scott has since moved on with Sofia Richie.

Keep living your best life, Kourt!

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