Ready to meet them outside the ring? WWE stars Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods are starting their own podcast, and things are about to get real. Called “The New Day: Feel the Power,” the audio show aims to bring the drama from the mat to your phone. The wrestling stars have teamed up with Endeavor Audio, and you’ll be able to listen in to a new episode every Monday. In episode 3, out Monday, December 16, the trio open up about the injuries holding them back.

“Knowing that I could possibly be out for up to a year … is absolutely terrifying to me,” Xavier, 33, admitted on the show. “Ever since I was little, this is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do with this much passion … To get an injury that will take me out for an extended period of time is something that … has kind of shaken me, like, to my core.”

Now that the first three episodes are out, you can listen in for yourselves. According to a statement shared with In Touch, the athletes are promising a “reality audio experience like no other.” Kofi, 38, Big E, 33, and Xavier are opening up on the mic as they talk about sports, video games, music and what their lives are really like. You may think that you know them from their time on TV or from their social media, but you’re about to see a whole new side of the stars.

In episode 2, they open up about how their wrestling crew chose the name “The New Day,” revealing that originally they played around with the moniker “Healing Through Harmony.” Pretty much immediately, though, they came across some major stumbling blocks. “Our name is probably the most important thing … the most important aspect of a group,” Kofi shared. “That’s the thing that people call you. … Healing Through Harmony, you can’t chant that!”

The fun banter with Big E and Xavier that follows makes it clear just how good of a team these three actually are. In February 2019, Kofi opened up in an interview with Canton Rep about how they found their magic. “The stars aligned, and our chemistry is unbelievable,” he said. “When we go out there, we’re having genuine fun. We’re not just characters going out there acting like it; it’s actual fun we’re having, and people feel that energy and want to be a part of it.”

Now, they’re bringing that magic and fun to their podcast. Though Kofi promised they’ve “never gotten into a fight” over the last five years, their new show will bring debates aplenty. Despite the drama, this trio always has positivity in spades.

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