Celebrity hypnotist Kimberly Friedmutter specializes in solving the problems of Hollywood’s A-list!

Now, she's opening up to In Touch, talking celebs from Mariah Carey to Justin Bieber to answer our most burning questions from her decades behind-the-scenes and inside-the-minds of the world’s biggest stars!

IT: What was the strangest celebrity request you’ve gotten?

KF: Not to fall in love with their co-star, from a client who habitually falls in love on set.

IT: Is it harder to hypnotize a celebrity?

KF: It’s actually easier because suspension of disbelief is a helpful tactic for getting into trance.

IT: You’re known in the industry for your hypnosis house calls?

KF: Wherever my clients are, I go. Luckily having a private jet allows me to get there, fast.

IT: Do you think celebrities are more open to alternative healing?

KF: Enlightened people are more open, whether that means artists, actors, politicians, or even tech entrepreneurs. It doesn’t really matter the career.

IT: Have you ever had a celebrity you couldn’t hypnotize?

KF: No. Actors are especially receptive because they’re also hypnotists of sorts; they just mesmerize audiences a different way than I do.

IT: Can you name celebrities who could benefit from hypnosis right now?

KF: The entire Kardashian clan: This family has had a tumultuous 2016! It’s important to break dangerous cycles before you attract more chaos. What you focus on, grows!

Kanye West: Adding to the family drama, West has had his share of challenges including the sudden loss of his mother and Kim’s recent robbery, creating serious energy leaks. Hypnosis balances and restores energy.

Lamar Odom: Addictions can be like light switches once you turn them off. Once Lamar no longer craves substances, his life can return to being healthy and productive.

Mariah Carey: Break ups can take years to heal but hypnosis quickly resets emotional damage, preventing painful rebounds. Moving on with clarity creates a clean, healthy break up.

Justin Bieber: Justin’s public outbursts related to anxiety and pressure, are easily reset with trance. Emotions and mood are heightened when he’s in cycle of continuous demands.

Selena Gomez: Hypnosis gets to the root of managing lupus. The mind is our motherboard and managing affects of lupus such as depression and panic attacks respond quickly to trance.

IT: You’ve helped so many people with hypnosis, have you considered writing a "How to" book?

KF: Yes, self-hypnosis is the best! There’s a lot people just don’t know. This book will change all that. For example, did you know you can work out harder and longer when in trance?

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