This #FlashBackFriday has got our heads spinning!

If you were old enough to remember 2007, chances are you owned a waist cinching belt. And, probably gold Jenny From The Block hoops. Not even Kim Kardashian was immune from these regrettable fashion trends.

Ten years ago, Kim was actually a style doppelgänger for all of us. Though she was on the brink of reality stardom, her wardrobe was less intimidating than it is now, in fact it was pretty down-to-earth. Whether it was bodycon micro dresses or aviator sunglasses, as trends swept us up, she too rode the wave.

Waist Belt Wide Enough To Be Seen From Space: Guilty

old picture of kim kardashian - getty

Poor Kim, she’s 95% belt.

Bodycon LBD: Guilty

old pictures of kim kardashian - getty

Classic Kim, serving curves and cut-outs at a fashion event. Nothing ever changes, except maybe that blue eyeshadow.

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Graduated Sunglasses: Guilty

old picture of kim kardashian with sunglasses on - getty

Many like to think their ombre story started with their hair, but it can actually be traced back to the summer of ’07 when ’70s style aviators were trailblazing the trend.

Footless Tights: Guilty

old picture of kim kardashian - getty

Some liked to call these leggings, but you only ever realized how low the denier really was when you bent over. Kim, like all of us, was so caught up in the footless tights mania of 2007 that she embraced them even when they were the color of accidents. Sadly, we’ve all been there.

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Dangerous Levels Of Lipgloss: Guilty

old picture of kim kardashian - getty

There was always a balance between getting the perfect level of wet-look shine and still being able to prize your lips open.

It’s okay Kim, we all are guilty of these things.

This story originally appeared in The Debrief.

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