Things just aren’t getting any easier for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Last fall, the couple went through two back-to-back bombshell incidents that threatened their foundation — Kim’s Paris robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown — but now, Kanye’s entire image and marriage could be destroyed with a release of secret tapes.

Kanye, 40, is currently involved in a $10 million legal battle with insurer Lloyd’s of London because they are allegedly refusing to pay him in claims from his canceled Saint Pablo tour because the company does not insure any losses that are caused “directly or indirectly by the possession or use of illegal drugs, the impact of prescription drugs not used as prescribed, or the use of alcohol,” according to The Guardian.

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But now, according to leaked emails between Lloyd’s and Kanye’s attorneys obtained by Radar Online, it has been revealed that there are tapes that include “more than 20 hours of video taken of Kanye during the four days leading up to his hospitalization, which graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown,” and if they were to be released, it could “hurt his career” and “more importantly, destroy his marriage” because of Kim’s aversion to drug use.

In order to take precautions against a potential leak of the footage, ‘Ye refused to send a copy of the videos to Lloyd’s U.K. office. Instead, he requested to fly a paralegal to London to view the tapes — and the trip cost more than $10,000 dollars.

Kanye had taken a drug cocktail of liquid marijuana, psychedelic drug 2cb, anxiety pill Valium, along with painkillers Percocet and Demerol in the days before his breakdown and subsequent hospitalization, according to the leaked emails. The video footage allegedly shows the father-of-two admitted to his drug use. “This is all about drugs, bad drugs” and “popping Percocets two at a time,” he allegedly says in the footage.